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Can't attach documents to new email


Can't attach documents to new email

I did use my "company voice" and spent over two hours on the phone only to find out that AT&T has foisted this new email platform out on its unsuspected public before it has been fully tested - and now I have to use a round about way to attach documents to an email.  This is not the first time they have done something like this, and as one of their long-term consumers, I am thoroughly disgusted.  To even FIND the appropriate channels is something that almost requires an EE degree...and when I did get there, I learned there were over 1300 users in the same boat.  NOT THE WAY TO DO BUSINESS in my book.


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Re: Can't attach documents to new email

Hello cathideal. Thanks for registering and for your post!  I am sorry you had difficulty getting an answer to your questions. Are you still experiencing the same issue?


I wanted to provide the article How to work with email attachments which provides some great information.


Please touch back and let us know if this is helpful.


Thanks so much!  ~Delia

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Re: Can't attach documents to new email

Try using a different email service when you need to send files. I had to subscribe to another service quite a while back when ATT screwed up their "update". Regards, fiero850
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Re: Can't attach documents to new email

I just change browsers when I notice attachments are a problem. Most the time Goggle Chrome works, and if it won't add documents then I use Firefox.  I pretty much had to give up on using IE (Internet Explorer) with email if I want to include attachments.

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Re: Can't attach documents to new email

That did not help.  It was just the basic tutorial written by a third party who was told how it is suppose to work, very pretty and lots of 'clip art' but no resolution.  It is not a solution to the problem nor is it an acknowledgement from ATT that the issue will be resolved.  Would like to go back to the old Classic but I don't see how to do this anymore.

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