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I am using windows live mail and my old email.


For some reason today it stopped working saying "server has unexpectedly terminated the connection".  I have changedmy POP server many times (per AT&T directions) in the past and none of the new ones over the years have worked with my so I continue to use as my incoming and as my outgoing.  It has worked up until today.  AT&T has told me in the past I can keep the email for free and that it should continue to work.


Does anyone out there still use this server or have this same problem? Any suggestions on how to get my email working again?

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Re: Email Problems

Similar issue here with Windows Live Mail.  I still have a e-mail also, and no issues until recently.  I can receive e-mails, but composed e-mails stay in my OutBox and never send.  Suggestions are appreciated.

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Re: Email Problems

I am using Microsoft Outlook with my old bellsouth email. Every month for the past couple of years I continually get a password request and email function in Outlook stops working. There are absolutly no changes to the settings on my computer. all setting continue to be excacly as required to connect and tech support has continually provided the seam exact setting that I already have. Tech support and they cannot figure out why this is happening. They do always try to get me to pay for advanced tech services to which I absolutely refuse to do. I pay for email services and I am not getting what I have already paid for. Usually after a few hours dealing with tech support and I've thouroly been fustrated by the continued lack of tech support (they can only follow exactly what is in their manualI should pay my bill the same way that AT&T provides service!

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Re: Email Problems

I have had the same problem for 5 years.  The problem is with Yahoo.  Everytime they "upgrade" or repair their servers, the primary account is turned off.  Only webmail works, the clients are useless.  Finally had a tech guy admit this after scores of calls over the years and countless hours wasted following tech support front line protocols. 

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Re: Email Problems

Proof of the pudding --- today my email is working without any action on my part.  Five years is long enough for YAHOO to get their act together.  Maybe they don't want to get their act together.  When using webmail instead of an email client you are constantly exposed to more unwanted advertising.

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Re: Email Problems

And now the main account is having password problems again.

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Re: Email Problems

Thanks for your post do you have a way to fix this??? or get answers from a real live human being that is actually competent and can solve your problem without re-directing your call a zillion times?



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