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Been having random disconnections for a month now


Been having random disconnections for a month now

I have been having random disconnections from DSL service for over a month now.  They started on the 27th of March, happened periodically for a period of 10 days, stopped occuring for a week, and have resumed and been continuous since.  It seems to happen more when there is consistent internet use (such as video streaming, a VoIP program, or an MMORPG computer game) but it also happens when I am asleep.


I have attempted the following to alieviate this issue:


-Changed the phone outlet the DSL modem is connected to.

-Changed the Wireless Router the DSL modem is connected to.

-Changed all the ethernet and phone cables.

-Left the DSL modem unplugged for hours.

-Replaced the DSL modem.

-Tried both DSL modems with and without filters.

-Bypassed the Wireless Router with a direct connection.


None of these have had any effect.


When my internet does reconnect sometimes my VoIP program tells me the following:


[1:33:50 PM] UDP packets cannot be received from the server. Switching to TCP mode.

[1:34:03 PM] UDP packets can be sent to and received from the server. Switching back to UDP mode.


I have run out of ideas on what I can try on my end and am convinced this is a problem on AT&T's end, and searches through search engines for people with similar issues have confirmed this idea (and not given much hope for resolution).  I attempted to use your phone system but cannot get through its Byzantine prompts to reach a person who might be able to tell me what is happening.


Please advise.

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Re: Been having random disconnections for a month now

Hello @DisappointedRag 


I apologize for the service quality that you're experiencing. Our team will be happy to check on that and help you troubleshoot the issue. Please send us a private message by clicking here, please include your full name, phone number, account number and the best time you can be reached.


Thank you,


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