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I receive only small portion of my email. My wife and daughter, who have sub-accounts, do not have this problem. I had poped my account to Apple Mail and that now it behaves just like my Att Yahoo account . I tried changing to the new ATT. net information, but Apple Mail accepts only IMAP. ATT mail appears to have no way to do this. I've looked everywhere (I think) but have continually run into circular paths of support information or missing/moved pages. The "repair tool" thing either does nothing or sends me an exe file, which, of course, is useless on a Mac. I am loath to actually contact telephone support after reading the horror stories from the people who tried to so. I can't afford to be without email and need a solution that will work. People are getting really p* at me as am I at nearly everyone and everything. 

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     Please send a private message to our ATTCustomer support team so they can work with you and hopefully get this issue resolved.  Please include your name, an accessible email, phone number and the best time to be contacted. Please also allow up to 48 hours for a response. Here is the link to send a private message.


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Don't bother with ATT support - I've talked to agents from India to Phillipines to who knows where, still have a horrible mess with ATT Yahoo email!  They have changed me from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome to Fire Fox.  My saved favorites are scattered across the top fo the screen and some in in Imported from IE.  Can't read any article without pop up blocking the article although they tell me all pop ups are blocked.  I am not a computer guru but I do know that my blood pressure is through the roof.  No end in sight - agents say bugs have not been worked out - well DUH we know that!  Who in the world at ATT authorized the partnership with Yahoo - is that the only email engine available?

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