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Alternate (POP) email with the "new and improved" ATT/Yahoo email?


Alternate (POP) email with the "new and improved" ATT/Yahoo email?

I don't have an option to check (click on) my alternate email any longer with the new email format like before. It is on my "Alternate Accounts" but I am not receiving it in my primary email either. I am, also, not receiving all of my primary account email. I have a lot of important emails on both and need to get them asap. Any suggestions where they might be? I have an accout with AT&T. Thank you in advance.

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Re: Alternate (POP) email with the "new and improved" ATT/Yahoo email?

I'm having the same issue since June 26th. I'm no longer receiving the sbcglobal (free att mail) mail via POP into my Gmail account after the recent upgrade to ATT mail. I received notification that all mail will automatically be transfered over to the new version during the following month, which was fine. But ever since then my sbcglobal mail account is not retrievable by Gmail. I have spent two days researching what I need to do, I've live chat with an ATT rep and was just told that they can't help with "free mail" and do not offer any advice as to where to go for help. I've tried the new POP settings that people have mentioned on various boards to no avail. This is rediculous. Not sure where to go from here so any assistance from the forum would be appreciated! I feel like I've exhausted all my options.


One other bit of info is that I am still receiving my sbcglobal mail on my cell because I sent a test email to my sbcglobal address via my gmail account. It didn't show up in my sbcglobal mail on my laptop but did on my cell. Perhaps that's info that helps in gaining some assistance.

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