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Ad block how-to?


Ad block how-to?

One of the features of Yahoo mail plus is said to be "no graphical ads".  I've tried a few things, like opt-out from Yahoo's privacy page but it doesn't work.


Has anyone here discoverd how to get rid of the ads while using web based email?


Here's a link that lists the yahoo mail plus features:  no graphical ads being one of them


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Re: Ad block how-to?

1. Bump ----- anyone?


Sent this question to Yahoo support.  They said AT&T is responsible for ad removal.  OK.  See #1 above. 

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Re: Ad block how-to?

20 bucks to remove the ads!! highway robbery!!... I'll reactivate hotmail before I pay to remove ads.
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Re: Ad block how-to?

These ads on the AT&T email pages have been increasingly intrusive and distracting. .  Pages are slowed noticeably by all the ad material downloading.  Valuable screen space is taken up by ads for sleazy products and services.  This is not good for the quality image of AT&T.  I find myself constantly clicking on the little arrow icon to push them off the screen.


We are paying too much for AT&T phone & internet service to have to be subjected to a constant barrage of annoying and trashy advertising.  Asking us to pay extra to remove it is adding insult to injury.


Maybe it's time to stop using AT&T email altogether.

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Re: Ad block how-to?

Use Firefox with the AdBlock Plus add-on. No more ads, anywhere!
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