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ATT is changing our homepage - Big Disappointment


ATT is changing our homepage - Big Disappointment

Starting March 31st. ATT will be changjng our homepages. These are the same changes that Yahoo made in February to the "my yahoo" users. Thousands of 'my Yahoo" users have complained about the new homepages. They are pre-defined and there is little flexibility in the look or content of how these new homepages will look. No one asked ATT to redesign our homepages.


The unspoken reason for the redesign: So that they can be used on cell phones and tablets. That's the reason they have been simplified. Not because ATT wants us long-time users to have a better homepage.


They should give us the choice of keepiong our old home page or switching to the new one.


If the changes ore permanent I will be looking for a new site to host my homepage.





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Re: ATT is changing our homepage - Big Disappointment

Hello cyclingbillc,


Welcome to the forums and thank you for your feedback! We'll forward it to the right people. I'm sure Yahoo and AT&T want to make it the best experience for the majority of its users and like most of the internet these days, it had to become more mobile friendly.




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Re: ATT is changing our homepage - Big Disappointment

This whole situation is ridiculous. I loved my old homepage. I had uploaded a photograph to use at the top. I didn't even mind the ad on the page, because it wasn't in an obnoxious location. Now it is obnoxiously located. Further, the photo I uploaded is gone, and when I go to change themes, I get a message on the page telling me to upload to the most current browser to get all the options. I can't do that. I have Windows 7 as my OS, and IE8 as my browser. I can't use anything else because they all crash my system, except for IE8. I want my old homepage back!


When AT&T changed the AT&T homepage, we were able to work around that by direct-linking our old homepage by going through Yahoo. We were all promised that this would not be messed with. So, AT&T and Yahoo lied to us because what did they just do? They messed with our homepage.


If it is because of mobile devices as the OP says, then he/she is correct in that we should be given a choice about it. I don't use my cell phone for the Internet. I use it for what it was designed for. CALLING people and TALKING to them. Not surfing the net or emailing people or texting people. So why should I have to suffer and lose the homepage I LOVED because you all decided that the HORRID looking homepage that AT&T designed and uses wasn't bad enough, but took away the Yahoo page, too!?


I want my old homepage back!

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Re: New home page

Why is my bill on my new webpage and why does it reappear after being removed. I hate it. The page is less user-friendly, over compartmentalize. What a mess.

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Re: ATT is changing our homepage - Big Disappointment

Tonight I took the bait when asked if I wanted to try a theme on my yahoo account (Vista desktop).

Can't go back I find. But, I note that the move emails to folder button does not work consistently, and there is no underline option. Also, this does not work at all on my old XP.


Attorney General time?

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Re: ATT is changing our homepage - Big Disappointment

When AT&T modified the AT&T home-page, we were able to perform around that by direct-linking our old home-page by going through Google. We were all guaranteed that this would not be screwed with. So, AT&T and Google humiliated to us because what did they just do? They screwed with our home-page.

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Re: ATT is changing our homepage - Big Disappointment

Aside from the nasty change of the page I am now getting advertisments that I can't delete.  I pay $10.95 a month to AT&T for the privlidge of keeping the same e-mail account I started so many years ago.  What the heck am I paying for something that allows me to get advertisments the same as I would get on a free account?


I've been on hold for almost 1 hour to a place in TX


Many years ago I had AT&T dial up for my internet provider.  I needed a faster service but AT&T didn't have DSL in my area.  I went with another provider but chose the option to keep my AT&T email addres and pay a monthly fee for the service. 


I know that when I accepted the monthly carge for an email address it was a lot less than $10.95.


Then AT&T had some changes where the e-mail was going to go through Yahoo.


I just started to notice that I am received advertiements in with the e-mail.  I searched Yahoo and they said advertisments are part of the free e-mail service.  I should not be getting advertisments because I don't have a free e-mail account, I pay for my email service.


I've spent 50 minutes on hold calling someplace in TX.   I am really, really, really ticked off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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The terrible new at&t Home Page

at&t has clearly designed their new home page to require users to link to other pages to get the information they need.  The object is for at&t to sell more advertising on the extra pages accessed by users.  Rather than making changes that increase the functionality and ease of use for their customers, at&t has chosen to institute changes that increase their profits at the expense of the needs of their customers.


One example:


I used to be able to access local movie theaters' show listings and times quickly without leaving my home page.  I could open or close the listings of theaters' movies and times with a single click.  The listings were consise and contained no graphics.  This enabled me to compare times for 2 or 3 films at several theaters at a glance, and I could easily pick a film and time.  On the new home page I have to click a link to another page to get all the theater listings.  Then I have to go to  each theater and write down the times of the films I am interested in to compare them with the times at other theaters.  On the new theater listings page you have to scroll through large-sized graphics and text listings of films and show times at different theaters.  It is very cumbersome and time-consuming.


at&t will not allow its customers to switch back to their old Home Page.


I have already changed my home page and opened a Gmail account.


I had been intending to upgrade my service from at&t DSL to U-verse; however, now I am looking into other ISPs.  I have already called Time-Warner.  If at&t doesn't allow me to have my old home page back very soon, I will switch to another provider.


Netflix lost several hundred thousand customers when they got greedy, which caused them to reverse their decision.  Perhaps the same thing will happen to at&t if a large number of customers stop using the at&t home page and/or change to another Internet Service Provider.

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