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ATT-Yahoo emial upgrade


ATT-Yahoo emial upgrade

So, I tried to logon to my ATT Yahoo email account and up pops the new upgrade.  You can click on the upgrade now, but I don't see any way to opt out.  Each time I open my email, there it is again.  I guess I am just stuck with the new ATT Yahoo email??

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Re: ATT-Yahoo emial upgrade



Hello and welcome to the forum. It seems that your account is set for upgrade and there is not an opt out feature, all clients will be moved to the new and improved platform. I have included two links below that discusses some of the new changes and features.


The new AT&T Yahoo! Webmail


About our new webmail design






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Re: ATT-Yahoo emial upgrade

Personally speaking, I am not finding the "new and improved" all that good and I still cannot attach a file to an email which is causing me a lot of headaches!!!

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Re: ATT-Yahoo emial upgrade

Hopefully this goes to the right place. I absolutely hate the new Yahoo e-mail.  Hate, hate, hate.  I cannot get into the middle of my e-mail.  If I want to look up a certain sender's e-mail, I can go to the first page, or the last page, if I have to get to the middle it has to be one lousy time-consuming page at a time, and after three pages, there's suddenly a "we're having trouble loading, try again", which means you start all over.  My old e-mail was one long trail, and I could click in the middle and look up a sender in the "m's", for instance.  Now you have to go page by page. 

This was the easiest e-mail out there to use, that's why I liked it.  This new one is beyond horrible.  From what I can see, there's no way to go back to the old one?  And what was wrong with the old one?  If there was a legitimate improvement, fine, update things, but when all you're doing is copying Hotmail's format and gmail's format, both of which I hate for the same reasons, it's pointless.  Now I have to start searching for a new e-mail program to use.   

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Re: ATT-Yahoo email upgrade

I don't care for the new look either.  I intentionally avoided switching to the new Yahoo! interface because I find the animated ads that appear to the right to be distracting to the point of annoyance.  I do not understand why we are paying for service and still have to see those ads.



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