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ATT Client Mail Server still up and down?


ATT Client Mail Server still up and down?

Was advised in chat that the Uverse Email Client Server is up and down...anyone else having this issue?  ..Prompting for sign in, then on send/receive the error message to contact your ISP, which I have done twice now..Keep trying to sell me technical service to assist on outlook..Even though I've explained my sub accounts, set up the same way in outlook, are working, my main account does not..Oh, and nor am I receiving email to my main account on iphone/ipad..So, again, how is this outlook?  ..And finally, in chat, after hours, I was advised that ATT continues to experience mail client server issues, no update available on fix..So, again, am I the ONLY ONE?  I am generally satisfied with ATT, but as of late, not so much..My VoIP is also up and down lately..Awesome!


M2 ...anyone?

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Re: ATT Client Mail Server still up and down?

At least you got them to admit there's a problem in chat.  I spent 2 hours Tuesday arguing with them in chat that the problem was with the ATT mail servers.  They kept wanting me to use the Connected, a fee based support, to resolve my problem.  I'm tech savvy enough to know when it's my computer and when a problem with the servers.  I was ticked off I tied them up (a tech and a supervisor) for two hours just out of spite.  If my bladder would have held out, it would have been more.  If ATT would just say "we're having problems and expect it be resolve in XXX days" I would be happy.  I can accept network problems as long as they don't happen often.  But when they won't admit the problem and try to get me to use a fee based support when I KNOW they can't solve the problem, it really creates distrust in ATT.  The only reason I stay with ATT is because they're slightly better than their competitor.  Maybe it's time to start looking at DISH network.


And yes, my experience is the client mail server is still up and down.

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Re: ATT Client Mail Server still up and down?

Oh my gosh, I am so glad I found your posts! I have been going out of my mind the last two days! I didn't know who to contact and also was directed to the Connect-Tech via the website. I am hoping I can just ride this out and it will resolve in the next couple of days! Fingers crossed!

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Re: ATT Client Mail Server still up and down?

Don't feel like the Lone Ranger. I've been having trouble for the last week and have been with AT&T tech support for  over 6 hours. The techs have blamed everything else; Apple, Mac email client, my iPad, my iPhone but will still not fess up to the fact yet that it's their lousy servers. Spoke with Mario at AT&T for over 2 hrs. Jeesh! He still stuck by his guns blaming others. I finally gave up. Tonight my sbcglobal account has been up and down. I'm ready to change providers. 

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Re: ATT Client Mail Server still up and down?

Just checked and my sbcglobal email account is receiving emails. It's now 9:25pm....let's see how long it lasts...

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