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AT&T leaving rural areas behind???


AT&T leaving rural areas behind???

Anyone paying attention to the news stories about AT&T wanting to drop copper (PSTN too)??


I'm wondering if someone who has the AT&T hut next to their home (literally, I can see it from where I sit now), and the hut I'm next door to also powers the AT&T cell tower that's 1 mile up the road...if they'll upgrade the current hut with an IPDSLAM and give us U-Verse here.

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Re: AT&T leaving rural areas behind???



     I would sign up for U-verse availability alerts. Following this link you can first check availability, then sign up for updates.


U-Verse availability



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Re: AT&T leaving rural areas behind???

Hi..I live in a rural Texas town that currently has no DSL or high speed internet available except to order Satellite service through HughesNet. I have suffered through the two year contract with them and am happy to say that they have laid the cables in front of my house and we just got the flyer in the mail that DSL is HERE!!! Hopefully you will get one in the mail too..good luck!!

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Re: AT&T leaving rural areas behind???

I have internet on my road in clay city ky and the resident we bought the house from had internet but when I called to order it they said the port was full....i have called everyweek to attempt to get service and get the same story....i know of 10 other residents that have requested it and get turned down.....even after the county released over $600,000 to add more availibility to our county....i find it very ridiculous that we are brushed under the really shows how much u care for ur customers / potential customers and give us a runaround story....i have talked to every tech that has been 3 different parts of our county.....i.e. Little hardwicks creek rd....frames branch road....virden ridge road.....everyone of them say they used to be able to just hook it up(in most cases under 45 mins.) But at&t wont let them do it anymore unless they approve it.....stupid thing is if u put the service in we would happily pay for it....but alas this is another example of a corporation not caring for people....thanks AT&T....way to go
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Re: AT&T leaving rural areas behind???

And yes I know this is gonna fall on deaf ears and blind eyes just like my phone calls
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Re: AT&T leaving rural areas behind???

I couldn't agree more.  I had subscribed to dsl PRO for about 10 years here at my current location.  A couple of months ago, I realized a dramitic decline in my speed.  When I called ATT for a trouble ticket, it was determined that I was switched back to basic dsl.  Without my knowledge, without my approval and without CHANGING MY BILL TO REFLECT THE MUCH SLOWER PACKAGE!.  Now they tell my I am not eligible for the very service I had only a few months ago!!!!  AT&T is ridiculous.  I cannot get ANY answers as to why this happened or why they will not offer my service back.  Oh, they did adjust my bill some, but this was because I caught them charging me for something was no longer getting.

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Re: AT&T leaving rural areas behind???

I am a senior (age 73) & currently live in San Antonio, TX (78238). I have a landline & DSL. U-Verse is available here. I am considering a move to Pipe Creek, 78063, on property close to my son. This is a "Telecommunications Wasteland" !


He has a dish service for TV & HughesNet for internet. Both work rather OK but are expensive. Perhaps I can tap into his services? I am a retired EE and lifelong 'Ham Operator' and know antennas & signal propogation well. I was sending data over phone lines long before the internet. I have installed ethernet CAT5/6 cable over very long distances.


AT&T provides very little service in my potential second-home (78063). I can have 'POTS' voice service but no DSL. Why? Is DSL being phased out?


Why can't I use a directional antenna, (elevated above metal roof & pointed at nearest AT&T tower)?

Ethernet down from antenna. Inside a wireless router & ethernet to computer, wireless to cell phone and/or laptops, etc. Perhaps AT&T services in the area are just 2G ? What are they? Suggestions?


William --  {Personal content removed for your safety}

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Re: AT&T leaving rural areas behind???

Att is moving to a 99% all ip platform, Uverse adsl2+ or vdsl hardwired solution. For the roughly 25% of customer base who will not be hardwired the ATT solution offer is 4G LTE internet. For more details...
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Re: AT&T leaving rural areas behind???

I recently moved from city to a rural community in northwest houston texas 77484 zip.  I would like to contact someone regarding plans to include my area for internet access. 


Im in between cypress and Hempstead. 


Would love to hear from anyone nearby or from an AT&T employee with contact information of who to call or email.


I also have a daughter who is blind who really benefits from accessing her books etc online that read to her. Needing to figure out our rural internet issue.

I heard AT&T has made a deal to cover my area a rural community with internet access.



Thanks ahead.



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Re: AT&T leaving rural areas behind???

Hello, tjranch!


Thanks for your post. We appreciate your interest in DSL services in your area. We would be happy to check current and future availability if you send us a private message by clicking here.


In your message, please include your name, phone number, email address, and the best time to reach you. Keep an eye on the little blue envelope icon in the top right corner of your screen for a response.


In the meantime, feel free to message me with any other questions or concerns!



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Re: AT&T leaving rural areas behind???

AT&T is notorious for having very little care for rural areas.


I got my FIRST phone line in 1997 with SBC. Had the SAME line (Number and all) until 2009. Some time in the 2000's SBC was bought by AT&T. And I stayed with them through the switch. BUT from 2002 to 2009 I lived outside of the area the had DSL. BUT anytime a new subdivision was put up in these rural areas not coved with DSL, the contractors could and would pay AT&T to install and supply high speed internet. I've known of people who lived NEXT TO these subdivisions and COULD NOT get DSL! To add insult to inquiry, anytime I called to pay my bill, I would get the whole "Since you are such a valued costumer, we would like to offer you..." some high speed internet that they DO NOT SUPPLY TO THE AREA I LIVE IN! I talked to soooo many people about this. They flat out told me that they had NO PLAINS to supply high speed to my area. I replied "Why, do you think people who live in the "country" are not smart enough to use a computer?" Of course they said no, that there just wasn't enough internet users in my area. But the thing is, EVERYONE on my street HAD a computer BUT didn't see any reason to waste money on dial-up! Now, when you think of living in a "rural" area, you think of house mile apart. But that was not the case at all. It was just like any other neighborhood street. Just it was outside the city limits. Thankfully in 2008 satellite internet was offered in the area.


So to sum it up, I've had an account in good standing since 1997 BUT from 2002 to 2009 AT&T would not provide my area with high speed internet. And to date, my old neighbors STILL do NOT have high speed in the area.

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Re: AT&T leaving rural areas behind???

30GB for $120 a month? Wow! What a steal! You could get a whole 20 minutes of high quality Netflix with that! Maybe I can download a whole game over Steam once every month, if I'm lucky, and then do nothing else in that entire month! Lucky me! 4G is not broadband, it will never be an acceptable solution for rural internet.


Wireless spectrum is limited, throwing home internet customers onto it is naturally going to introduce congestion which is not going to get better with time. The only solution is going to be to keep things capped at these absurd rates permanently. What about in 10 years from now? Storage space and file sizes are going to keep growing exponentially, and you're still going to be stuck trying to sell a thimbleful of internet for a king's ransom. Maybe you'll go to 5G, and I can reach my absurdly low bandwidth cap even faster.


America has grown weak over the years. Used to, it was clear, you supply all of us, or you supply none of us. But you at AT&T do nothing but pursue the bottom line, you abandon the maintanence of your networks (besides some small cursory upgrade to decade old DSL technology you should rightfully have upgraded to long ago, needed to compete with Cable - of course, you brand this UVerse, and pretend as if it is something new innovation completely cut off from the past). And charge customers for the privilige of watching their lines wither. You cut off large portions of your customer base because it makes your profit margin look more desirable to investors and boosts your stock price in the short term.


Because of people like you, Americans are being thrown back into third world conditions. And it is no one's fault but our own. *** greedy, worthless companies like AT&T would be fined up to the yazoo, and replaced with public utilities wherever possible. But we don't, and so such greedy, worthless corporations continue to loot the American public, abandon most of them to third world conditions, and neglect the rest while raising their prices, taking full advantage of monopoly rent. Because the money's not in innovation and providing services to your customers anymore, it's in leaving them nowhere else to go and charging them as much as possible while neglecting everything you can.


Again, 4G? Seriously, 4G?


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