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AT&T-Yahoo Email Change Requests


AT&T-Yahoo Email Change Requests

I've been using the new AT&T Yahoo Mail portal for 2-3 days now. I'm ready to switch back--at least until the bugs are worked out. Please:

-Frames--format the window in frames so that I can click "delete," "move," "forward," etc. at any point in reading an e-mail. Right now if I scroll down a short way the buttons disappear and I have to scroll back to the top of the page to hit delete or move. It is hugely slow and aggravating.

-Drag & drop for attachments is a nice new feature and seems to work well

-Actions seem to take a lot longer in this version of mail than the old one--so much so that I got a message recommending that I temporarily turn off messaging and other features to improve speed. I never use the messaging function and was a little annoyed that I could not permanently turn it off to improve speed. All of the new features automatically restart each time the browser window is re-openned.

-there are a bunch of nuisance tabs across the top of the screen for features I don't use or want. Sorry guys, my calendars are on Google and I'm not planning to switch. So let me make the "calendar" tab go away. Google doesn't force me to look at the Google Calendar when I open a Google window. If I want to use the calendar & contacts, etc., give me the option but don't force them on me. At this point it just adds to a lot of clutter on the screen, slows the app down and it isn't available unless I scroll up anyway.

-Pages--I found myself searching a folder for a mail that had been sent 3 years ago. I used to be able to quickly scroll through all dates to find it. Now I get a limited number of mails on a page and I don't see any way to navigate to a particular date range. I have to look one page at at time. There isn't even a way to skip from page 1 to page 9 or to tell how many pages total there are in a file. It made the process much more time consuming & frustrating.


I use this e-mail to run a small business. The changes have made my life more difficult and there haven't been any changes that I find significantly better than the old system. So until the new one can be improved. How do I switch back to the old system? Phone tech support said they thought there was an option for it but we could not find it on screen.


Update--One more request--how do I add columns to inbox or folder information displays like old system? Specifically, I wanted to search for e-mails from a specific sender to a specific receiver. The folder showed one e-mail address per message but I could not tell if it was the from or to address and I could not find a way to add another column to show "to" or "from."


Update--Yet another--let me drag & drop from my Inbox to my folders--it used to work. It doesn't anymore.

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Re: AT&T-Yahoo Email Change Requests

It is infuriating.  Old mauil worked fine for me.  This new version is horrid.  I want the old one back.  Yahoo won't help.  Say you are ATT&T customer, but they won't help either!!!!! glad I'm paying through the nose for it. 

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