AT&T Use of Yahoo Mail


AT&T Use of Yahoo Mail

I would wish that AT&T would create its own web mail interface for UVerse Email.  I pay a good bit of money, and am still bombarded with ads, and Yahoo's arbitrarily changing the interface around anytime it wants to.  In my opinion, the email portal should be ad free and have minimal impact on performance. It would be different if I was using a Yahoo freebie account, but I am not.  


I just really do not like the idea of a company with the size and stature of AT&T being held hostage to Yahoo for its Email.


Any thoughts?

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Re: AT&T Use of Yahoo Mail

Hello, Allenathome!


Thanks for posting! We appreciate your feedback, and we'll definitely make sure to pass it on. If you think of anything else you'd like to add, feel free to message me!


I hope we continue to see you around the forums!



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