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AT&T Email, 3rd Party Email Programs, and Windows 8.1


AT&T Email, 3rd Party Email Programs, and Windows 8.1

I have just switched from Windows Vista using Windows Mail to Windows 8.1.  After using the Windows Mail App to set up my email, I began running into problems when replying to messages - they would remain in my Drafts folder.  In doing several online chats with Microsoft, I was told that the Mail app in Win 8.1 is very basic and does not function as a regular email program, does not support 3rd party email accounts, and that I need to install a program such as Microsoft Office Outlook; however, they also added that there are other 3rd party email programs available that I can use.

I am very confused, as I've never had any issues before in setting up my email to interface with my email server.  I don't have Office Outlook and would rather not spend the money if there is another email program out there that I can use - Windows Vista, Windows Mail, and AT&T worked just fine!!

Any advice that I can get would be helpful - thank you! 

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Re: AT&T Email, 3rd Party Email Programs, and Windows 8.1

Hello cindymazz,

Have you considered Windows Live Mail 2012 (from Windows Essentials)? Windows 8.1 Mail doesn't support POP connections and AT&T email doesn't offer full IMAP support. While it works, I've often found the app to fail to communicate properly for no clear reason. 

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