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AT&T DSL Outage 4-11-2013 TX


AT&T DSL Outage 4-11-2013 TX

Tonight DSL service is out here in Dallas TX. I have been on what is euphemistically refered to as "technical support" for over an hour.. First 30 minutes of recorded messages followed by over 40 minutes of ringing with no answer.

Using the AT&T website to see if there is a DSL outage hangs on username and password login.

Total lack of customer support -- and they just raised rates a couple of months ago.

Maybe it's time to break up AT&T one more time like the bells were.

Too big to fail? How about too big to exist?
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Re: AT&T DSL Outage 4-11-2013 TX

I'm in OKC, don't know if this is a related outage, but I'm down too. I can get online by changing my DNS settings to Google's public DNS, but when I obtain DNS settings automatically I can't access any site and get name resolution errors.


Fix this.

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Re: AT&T DSL Outage 4-11-2013 TX

I'm in Mckinney and am suffering the same outage, the only way I can get to the web is through a proxy.  I have given u on trying to get through on the phone.  I have given up on tech support alltogether.  Please fix this.  I have work to do!

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Re: AT&T DSL Outage 4-11-2013 TX

Well since they don't offer support after 5 pm, it's not surprising that no one will help. I'm in Michigan and I've lost my connection as well. I'm using the data plan on my (non-AT&T) mobile phone to type this, so I think they should have to pay me for my usage.
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Re: AT&T DSL Outage 4-11-2013 TX

I use AT&T DSL in San Antonio and just had a similar experience.  After well over an hour on the phone with a polite service tech who checked my email client settings, she declared all was OK on the AT&T end and I was handed over to a "third party" (for a fee) to work the problem.  The third party representative immediately told me that AT&T DSL servers were down in my area.  WHY DIDN'T THE FIRST SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE KNOW THAT????  Then I spent another half hour with billing to request a refund of the $50 fee.  So I killed over two hours on the phone and still cannot send emails.  I guess I am lucky that I can use the internet and receive emails??  Wow, what a deal I am getting from AT&T.  This has happened before.  AT&T, it is time to communicate clearly with your "valued customers" and 'fess up when your systems are not working!!  Then go to work fixing the problem.

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