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2wire parental controls


2wire parental controls

2wire shows that there gateway router offers parental controls that must be pushed to users by att.  Why does att not offer this on there routers?  The parental controls they do offer are far to easy to circumvent, whereas the later allows control of the whole network witout having to install crap ware on each individual computer.


So att please let me know how I can get this software update for my 2wire gateway modem, I have included the website so you can see what I am talking about.

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Re: 2wire parental controls

get openDNS.

Put it in your wireless router.

Put a strong password on the router.


I am doing same....


Best of luck. We are leaving this generation in terrible shape....


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Re: 2wire parental controls

Carterson2--are you a uverse subscriber? the openDNS does not work on the uverse router.

According to openDNS uverse subscribers must configure each pc or device.
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Re: 2wire parental controls

The AT&T Parental Controls DO NOT WORK! I set my teenagers computer up with them. I added 5 sites he was allowed to access and specifically blocked facebook from it. Got on the internet and signed right into Facebook! I want my 2wire controls back. They were perfect! They were so simple to use and were better because I could disable access to ipods, kindle, xbox, ps3, etc. I don't feel it's fair that AT&T removed that option from the 2wire especially when I bought a 2wire BECAUSE of their parental controls and I didn't buy the router from AT&T! The 2wire used to have the parental controls on there and then one day it just disappeared so there's got to be a way to get it back. We have too many devices to be able to use AT&T's Parental Controls and some devices that you can't use them on at all. Give us our 2wire Parental Controls back!!! 

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Re: 2wire parental controls

Well, maybe you should try some other software, like Net Nanny let say? It seems to be the most comprehensive parental control software at the moment. Eventually, i might recommend also :

{commercial link removed}


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Re: 2wire parental controls

The software cannot address things like tablets or phones. The only real solution is to configure it from the gateway.

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