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2wire parental controls

Re: 2wire parental controls

get openDNS.

Put it in your wireless router.

Put a strong password on the router.


I am doing same....


Best of luck. We are leaving this generation in terrible shape....


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Re: 2wire parental controls

Carterson2--are you a uverse subscriber? the openDNS does not work on the uverse router.

According to openDNS uverse subscribers must configure each pc or device.
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Re: 2wire parental controls

The AT&T Parental Controls DO NOT WORK! I set my teenagers computer up with them. I added 5 sites he was allowed to access and specifically blocked facebook from it. Got on the internet and signed right into Facebook! I want my 2wire controls back. They were perfect! They were so simple to use and were better because I could disable access to ipods, kindle, xbox, ps3, etc. I don't feel it's fair that AT&T removed that option from the 2wire especially when I bought a 2wire BECAUSE of their parental controls and I didn't buy the router from AT&T! The 2wire used to have the parental controls on there and then one day it just disappeared so there's got to be a way to get it back. We have too many devices to be able to use AT&T's Parental Controls and some devices that you can't use them on at all. Give us our 2wire Parental Controls back!!! 

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Re: 2wire parental controls

Well, maybe you should try some other software, like Net Nanny let say? It seems to be the most comprehensive parental control software at the moment. Eventually, i might recommend also :

{commercial link removed}


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Re: 2wire parental controls

The software cannot address things like tablets or phones. The only real solution is to configure it from the gateway.

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