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2wire modem not giving off wifi signal


2wire modem not giving off wifi signal

I've had uverse internet for almost 2 months now with all the same devices hooked up under my at&t supplied 2wire modem. Everything has been working fine up until last Thursday when I came home. My phone hooked up to my home wifi, as usual, and a little bit later it was disconnected. I tried reconnecting to it with my phone but the network ID wasn't on the wifi network list anymore. It doesn't come up on any of our other devices either ie: tablet, phones, tv etc. My ps3 still has internet connection because it's connected with an ethernet cable. I have my laptop connected with a wired connection right now also. So pretty much my internet is working with conncted devices but not wirelessly. Could it be my modem has gone bad? I tried the whole restarting the modem and unplugging and all that. Any help would be appeciated. Thanks in advanced

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Re: 2wire modem not giving off wifi signal

Which RG do you have? If check your devices do they see the RG (2wirexxx).

If hardwire works fine and have no wifi signal or weak wifi signal (have next to RG but not 10 feet away. Then yes your RG s defective. For a replacement call 1-800-288-2020 or chat online, options are 1) direct shipment, you replace and retrn original via UPS...both packaging and shipping at ATT expense. Or 2) schedule a tech visit (4 hour appointment window) to have replaced.

Note if your original RG was purchased from ATT, 510, 3600, 5031 will likely be charged another $100 added to bill, equipment comes with one year warranty, when return your unit will receive credit. Depending on time frame both charges may be in same billing cycle or seperate billing cycles. If unit was purchased, and opt for tech dispatch, still need to return UPS for proper account credit, do not let tech take RG as only disposed of not returned.

If have IPTV service with internet then may have 3800, 3801, i38hg, or 589...these are leased RG and exchanged at no charge.

Hope this helps, suspect wifi issue, replace RG.
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Re: 2wire modem not giving off wifi signal

It's the 3600. I purchased it from at&t when i signed up for service. So I would need to pay the $100 if they do not recieve my modem in the same billing cycle? If I need a replacement that is. But I did notice that when I was very close to the modem, the network ID did show up and connect, but it would disconnect as soon as I would move away. When I tried calling on Thursday, the guy i was talking to kept telling me I had to sign up for a $15 a month plan to recieve help or pay a one time, $50 fee. 

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