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2Wire 2701HG-B and dropping connections


2Wire 2701HG-B and dropping connections

I've had intermittent drops for a long time now. I started to get serious yesterday when I fired up my Windows 7 desktop (which I rarely use) to have uTorrent download some stuff for me. The connection went to [word filter avoidance] quickly. My DSL Diagnostics told me: DSL Line (Wire Pair): Line 1 (inner pair) Downstream Rate Cap: 1536 kbps Downstream Atten. at 300kHz: 32.9 dB Uncancelled Echo: -0.9 dB Suspicious - check phone filters and alarm VCXO Frequency Offset: -57.5 ppm Ok Final Rx Gain: 16.9 dB Ok Impulse Noise Comp. Tones: 8 Suspicious - impulse noise detected <-this was "OK" at the time Excessive Impulse Noise: 0 Ok Impulse noise protection: 2.42 Delay of latency path: 16.00 ms So it doesn't look like there are any line problems. There is an alarm here, and it may not have a filter, but that "Uncancelled Echo" just wasn't that bad, 3.3 dB at the most. I found a few suggestions. One was to uncheck the packet flood box in the firewall. That didn't seem to help. Another was to reduce wireless speed to 12Mb/s That helped some. But changing wireless to b instead of g/b really did the most. Only now I get the "Impulse Noise" as above. Now, my biggest issue seems to be that, even though the Internet is up and running seemingly w/o problems, a lot of the time I try to get to I get an "Unknown error", which seems to get resolved by restarting the browser. Wondering if anyone has any input on the "unknown error" or the impulse noise... what exactly is being measured there, how bad is "8", is there any likely issues other than a missing filter, etc.

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Re: 2Wire 2701HG-B and dropping connections

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Re: 2Wire 2701HG-B and dropping connections

hey guy , those specs you listed have nothing to do with your modem losing connection , nor is it the modem alarm or filter .If you are sharing dsl with a phone line , an easy test is to get dialtone , hit a digit [ not 1 or 0 ] this will knock dialtone down while the switch waits for you to complete dialing ....there will be silence for several seconds /listen to the line ...if it is silent ,that USUALLY indicates no metallic faults on the line . Your problem is most likely on the ATT side . That would include a distance problem / if you are  more than 10 k ft from the dslam [dsl eqipment]  you can have problems and the higher the dsl speed the worse the problem would be  .6mb will not work well at that distance and THAT can be exacerbated by the transmission characteristics of the cable you are on . Lowering speeds is usually the answer on a cable without any detectable metallic faults . Another cause can be  BRIDGE-TAP - in your house your dsl can be running through out the house wiring /if you have 6 jacks each one becomes a player / the condition of the jacks and quality of house wiring plays a part also . Anything below CAT-3 can create transmission problems for dsl / a dedicated feed  1 pair from NID to Modem is best . . BRIDGE TAP in the field , which is branch offs of your particular PAIR of wires in ATT's cable -It is more likely ATT will change your pair rather than locate and remove bridgetap .  DE FECTIVE OR OVERLOADED ATT EQUIP.IN FIELD OR CO - DSL works from a hardware card -48 ports/ customers to a card , outdated cards can only handle so many 6 mb customers without degrading the bandwidth for all 48 -updated card is required / The bandwidth at most DSLAMS is shared to degree by the fiber feed to the site which also transmits U-Vers, there is also  other equipment at the site that can be defective or needs to be upgraded . The support people you talk to are not at all trained in this area and their testing limited . It will take  an escalated complaint to get the correct group out to resolve the isssue .  To assure your problem is not in  the house , if possible run a Cat5 feed from outside box to modem -if problem persists -trouble is outside . Note - A direct feed to the modem is best so if you have accessories and an alarm you should ask to have a DSL filter/splitter at outside phone box , this would require a seperate pair of wires to your modem and a seperate pair for the rest of the house . most houses are wired with 3 pair or 5 pr wire . Your phone company may charge for this work since they are not responsible for signal beyond the NID .

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Re: 2Wire 2701HG-B and dropping connections

P.S. Alarms can affect dsl , remember , the alarm is just like a phone on the line and circuit passes thru the alarm's CPU . An alarm is just like an unfiltered phone .  Usually they can be unplugged for testing , if so , unplug alarm and see if problem persists . [ most alarms have a little square jack mounted just outside the box or inside of it ,you'll see a telephone plug going into it ]

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