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wireless is spotty -- even to the firmware

wireless is spotty -- even to the firmware



The wi-fi in my house tends to hang on both of my computers. It doesn't seem like the connection to the internet is slow, just that the wireless signal hangs.


I'll try to load a page and it will hang and hang and then the browser will say it can't find the page. Then I will reload and the whole page loads instantly.


Other times, the page will load quickly but none of the images will.


This is the case even when i visit to see the firmware. Even this will hang or the images won't load. What's going on here? I have plenty of bars on my wireless connection. This is very frustrating.


Any help would be much appreciated.

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Re: wireless is spotty -- even to the firmware

I should also point out that power cycling the modem DOES completely solve the problem -- for 15 to 20 minutes. Then it's back to the same problems as before.

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Re: wireless is spotty -- even to the firmware

Changing the wi-fi password also fixes the problem temporarily. This is the second home I've lived in in 3 months and at the old house this was the same problem for months. everything is choppy and slow, but power cycling the modem frees up the speed for 15 to 30 minutes and so does changing the wireless password.


Right now I'm on a wired connection and it's slow unless I change the wi-fi password. Then it's fast again.

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Re: wireless is spotty -- even to the firmware

Have you tried changing the Wireless channel?  It's possible that there is some new interference in your 'hood.


Try downloading inSSIDer and take a look at the channels being used; pick one that is less used and see if you get better results.


What do you see when you do a speedtest?


If you had the same problems at your former residence, then perhaps your wireless radio in the router is faulty/dying?


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Re: wireless is spotty -- even to the firmware

Thanks for the reply.


This router is different than at my other place, but it's the same model.


I have inSSIDer and the thing that stands out is how the signal completely drops out every minute or so and then comes back up.


I know what channels are around me, I have changed that channel and it doesn't solve the problem. The only things that temporarily solve it (for 15-30 mins) are power cycling and changing the wireless password.

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Re: wireless is spotty -- even to the firmware

OK, I misunderstood about the router. Smiley Wink


Are you able to connect using WiFi at a location away from home?  (Hotspots)


Which encryption are you using?  Try WEP-Open as a test (unless you're already using that).


If you are seeing/having the drop outs on all channels, then the router's wireless radio could be dying. 


But you are seeing the same behavior if connected via Ethernet only, with Wireless turned off?

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