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wanted to be on record


wanted to be on record

I upgraded my "FastAccess" dsl (1.5 mbps) to xtreme 6.0 (6.0 mbps down/ 512 up) several months ago, and have been recieving similar problems with downloading and video files. however when i relized my service was suppossed to be 4x's faster (duh), i began tracking my internet speed (since decemer); this was also prompted by the need to take classes online and increased use of video chat on my playstation, revealing that i was experiencing freezing, drop outs, and video artifacts (unacceptable). I also did extensive research as to how Dsl works, and all the factors that affect download and iupload speed. i have tested my computer speed with out any other systems so much as accessing the internet, as i am aware that even accessing a web site has a negligible upload over head. but this problem goes beyond accessing multiple pages or usi multiple access points; it occurs every day of the week at all hours (and i mean all hours). my average down load speed is currently 1.5 (same as basic fastaccess), the most i ever get is 1.6 download, and it can get as bad as .3 down (.1up) more often than i can tollerate any longer. more importantly i need the 6.0 for video chat and video classes (the main reason i upgraded); yet i am not recieving what I pay for (unacceptable, since i am basically being over charged for an inferior service which i already had before the upgrade). it took me more than two days to down load a program for class from their academic websit (*word filter violation*), i know part of that one particular problem may have had something to due with their up speed, and internet traffic, but their is really no excuse for this (further more while i was downloading it my other internet dropped to a crwal). i dont know for sure, since i dont run the service, but i really have to believe i am being throttled (if you want to shape your internet traffic fine, but dont offer me a higher speed service and give me the service two tiers down; that is simply outrageous, unethical, and i am sure with the right lawyer their is something illegal about over charging, conning, misrepresenting your service or something) but i will stay on your phonelines in search of an acceptable resolution; but if i am anything less than satisfied, wtht r crap service and shady business practices are the reason you lost a customer to the pricier sattelite service (but i am sure i am neither the first or the last; and you better hope that goggles fiberoptic service doesnt find its way into your neck of the woods because at this rate you'll have plenty of people waitng to jump ship, whatever the cost.

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Re: wanted to be on record

Hi OvrChrgd,

I am really sorry for all the trouble that this speed issue had caused you. We are aware of the importance of having a fast internet connection and we certainly appreciate your effort in trying to fix the problem.

It would be better if you call our DSL Helpdesk at 888.321.2375 so that we can run some tests to determine if this has something to do with the AT&T's network, and dispatch a technician if needed.

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