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upset with overcharging


upset with overcharging

I have had ATT internet for over a year and had no problems. I lost my job as did my roommate. To cut back costs we had been talking about getting a home phone and dropping my cell phone (which was with a different carrier). A rep talked to me one day when paying the bill and said I could get this awesome deal for internet/home phone service. I made sure that I asked him multiple times if there any fees and that it would only cost me 40 dollars but that the first two months I would probably be charged 60 dollars and then they would credit my account and the 3rd month I wouldn't have a bill to pay. When I received the 3rd bill it was still 60 dollars. I called. I was told that something must have messed up and that the next bill would have a credit on it. In my mind that means I wont have a bill to pay next month and the next bill I would still have a 20 dollar credit. WRONG. I got a credit of 20 dollars bringing my bill for that month down to 40 dollars. So they were basically still charging me 60 dollars. I have had nothing but lies. I am now paying 80 plus dollars a month. TWICE what was promised. But you would think that is where the lies ended.


When I got the initial service switched I was promised my internet would ONLY be interrupted for a matter of 2 or 3 hours. WRONG. Seven days after I had my phone on I finally got internet. Because of all the delays and the fact that during this 7 day delay in internet service I was told I was getting a 50 dollar gift card for the inconvenience.  That was over a year ago. In those seven days I spend at least 25 hours on the phone just trying to find out what was going on. Since the change over I probably spent at least 80 hours on hold or getting lied to. I have found a handful of people fully know what's going on and honestly try to fix the problem. In the end they probably think they have it fixed only for me to get a bill and be disappointed yet again. I am to the point that I know a cable company that charges about the same price but wont screw with my bill. I think I'd rather pay them. Smiley Indifferent

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Re: upset with overcharging

I have to call every month. My ill is "straightened out" each month by a different person and still over charged. I cannot tell you how many people tell me different stories. the solution ....leave AT&%!
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Re: upset with overcharging

"the solution ....leave AT&%! "
and post complain with BBB
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