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unwanted email being sent out


unwanted email being sent out

I send and receive my email through and lately an email is being sent to everyone in my contacts.

The email has this link only


Its pretty cut and dry that there is some malware on Yahoo's server.


But what makes me think that it is on Yahoo's is because:


1.  The email is being sent out when my computer is off.

2.  I don't download my email to my computer,  I read it online at Yahoo.

3.  I am running NOD32 software and also run Ad-aware on a weekly basis and it doesn't find anything on my computer.

4.  I have been receiving this email where I work because I have my work email address listed in my contacts so I know exactly when it is being sent out.


How do I stop this or who do I contact regard this problem.

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Re: unwanted email being sent out

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