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trendnet ip camera tv-ip110w and 2wire router cant see camera from outside home network


trendnet ip camera tv-ip110w and 2wire router cant see camera from outside home network

Hi, I have a static ip.I can see the images from the camera from any computer inside my network with no problem.

But if I try to connect to the camera from outside the page happears not existing.

Can someone help?


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Re: trendnet ip camera tv-ip110w and 2wire router cant see camera from outside home network

Hello Paolonet,

I would like to thank you for bringing this up and I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this issue has caused you. With regard to your concern, there are factors we would need to consider that could have blocked you from accessing the your camera from outside sources. This problem could be because of the modem or router settings specifically its firewall. Since you're able to access the camera images within your local network then that means the static IP for the camera is mapped correctly but you would need to have this IP exempted from the modem's firewall for you to be able to access this outside your network.

You would need to set the appropriate firewall ports to be opened for you to be able to access your camera outside your network. We don't really have the specific port numbers needed to be opened as you would get this information from the manufacturer of that device. If you're using a 2wire Gateway modem you can click on this link
http://www.att.com/esupport/article.jsp?sid=KB401474#fbid=v51drieR4l8 and this should give you the information on how to open specific ports for the 2wire modem. Once the ports needed for the camera is opened, then this should allow you to access the camera outside your network.

If ever you don't know the port numbers needed to be opened, your other option would be to set the modem to DMZ mode. DMZ mode is opening up all the ports on the modem's firewall and thus allowing all incoming and outgoing traffic for your network. You can click on this link
http://www.att.com/esupport/article.jsp?sid=KB401374#fbid=v51drieR4l8 for the steps on how to do so. We don't really recommend this setting as opening all the ports on the modem's firewall would leave your computer exposed to malicious attacks. AT&T is not responsible for potential attacks made to your computer system or damage resulting from an attack caused by opening the ports.

It would be best if you can contact our Help Desk Technical Support at the number stated below for them to walk you through to this setup. They are open 24/7 and would be glad to assist you with this matter.

Should you need further help regarding your post, please feel free to post your reply on this thread or you may call our Technical Support Helpdesk.
You may reach them at 1 888 321 2375 if you are from these states - KY, TN, NC, SC, LA, MS, AL, GA, FL; and 1 877 722 3755 if you are located in CA, NV, KS, MO, OK, AR, TX, WI, MI, IL, IN, OH, CT.

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