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speed problems


speed problems

Not sure if i am in the right area of the forum to post but thought I would start here.  We currently subscribe to FastAccess DSL Xtreme 6.0.  However, every speed test I do says we are downloading at ~ 0.70 Mbps.  We contacted the techs at AT&T and they say there are no problems with their lines.  We are using a Westell Lynksys 327W router/modem.  We have had this for over 5 years I think.  We also have an ADT alarm system.  It uses our phone lines so we thought that may be the problem.  We put a filter on it and it DECREASED our speed to ~ 0.4 Mbps.  We tested our speed with the alarm completely unplugged and it was still only ~ 0.7 Mbps.  We are at our wits end here.  everyone at AT&T says they don't know how to help us but would gladly sign us up for their coverage plan so that a tech could visit our house (at a cost of ~ $200 for a year on contract). 


Any suggestions?  I am wondering if I need to try a new modem or what.  Our speed hasn't always been so slow, so I don't think it is in our wiring.  We checked our filters and they all seem to be okay (DSL).  help is appreciated as until this is fixed i can't use Netflix or any other streaming service or download much to my Wii. 



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Re: speed problems

Hey bane, welcome to the forums. There's a couple things I'd want to know about your LAN configuration. First, how many machines and other wireless devices do you have connected to the Westell? Which operating systems do you use? Do you have anti-virus/malware software installed and if so, is it up to date? You say you watch Netflix, what else do you do on the Internet? Do you subscribe to services like Google Music? Do you download music, movies, and other stuff via a torrent client, Lime/Frostwire, or other P2P software? Have you looked at the up/downstream data rates on the user interface of your Westell? If so, what did you find? Once we know it's not a "signal" issue, we have to look at traffic or Wi-Fi issues there at your house. If you know how to navigate to the diagnostic screen of your modem, take a screenshot and post it here. If you need directions, I can post them after your reply. I'm sure we can figure it out, just gotta get all the info first so we can figure out where to start looking.
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Re: speed problems

I have been having a very similar problem and it started about a week ago. I also have not been able to figure out what the problem is. I have hihg-speed DSL with AT&T and right now it is as slow as dial-up. For example, I tried registering for these forums last night and it took so long to load the page that it timed out.


I have a laptop that I use wireless on, and my boyfriend has a desktop. He is a gamer, and I go to school online. Last week we started having immense slow-down problems and intermittent disconnections. It has gotten progressively worse that it is absurd. I called and spoke with the tech department last night and every test they ran showed that my internet is running at the perfect speed according to my plan, which made me very frustrated because it was barely loading the page I was looking at while he was speaking with me. It's gotten to the point where I can't even download audio files from a radio program I have downloaded from hundreds of times before, but it won't even do it. It's as if the connection does not exist. And my student website is so slow that I was unable to search in the online library last night, which I have also done hundreds of times.The tech tried to blame it on the website. He didn't even listen that this is happening on EVERY WEBSITE. It's not my school site; it's the internet.


My boyfriend and I have cleared our cache files and browser history on both our systems. The same problem is happening to each of us on several different browsers, on ANY website (Facebook won't even load comments before it needs to time out), and it is happening on both of our systems. The tech I spoke with last night was only helpful in the sense that he showed me that something is completely wrong when my speed is "correct" yet Internet Explorer quit working on me 10 times AFTER speaking with him so I gave up and stopped trying.


A friend of mine in my IT department at work said she had this issue with AT&T U-Verse a while back and it was the modem, so I think that is the next step. I am sorry that I cannot offer much actual help, but I think it may be the modem as well. We rebooted it today and now the internet is just a tad better (I was able to register for these forums without being timed out, so there is slight improvement). However please note that this means that the only improvement we are seeing is that pages actually load, but they are NOT loading quickly or even at a decent pace; it's as if I am running dial-up.


Please believe me AT&T; I don't see how it is MY computer when my boyfriend's computer is doing THE EXACT SAME THING AT THE EXACT SAME TIME in a different browser on varying websites. Stop telling me to clean my computer, and help me figure out what is wrong with my equipment.I say this with all due respect because I have been a customer at this current apartment for over 4 years, and was with SBC for many years before this. It's just frustrating when I feel as if no one wants to help me; they just want to speak at me.





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