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snet account

I would love some help. I have been trying to close a old SNET email account for three years. I have called AT&T and Yahoo and get nowhere. Most recently, I spent twenty five minutes on the phone, only to be disconnected, and then the CHAT tech person sent me the same phone number to try again! Most distressing is that this account was recently hacked and spam email sent out. Any wisdom about how to close this? I can't do it from the account itself. It loops around to say I need to call AT&T.


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Re: snet account

Finally Success! After three years, today's phone call to ATT seems to have worked.


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Re: snet account

I've had the same trouble with an old SNET email account spamming my old contact list.  I've also been stuck in the corporate phone system loop while trying to disable the old account.


Please share your solution.  How did you close your account? 

Thanks for the help.

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