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security key


security key

Okay I'm about at my wits end with trying to set up a Wifi account. I have a Westell ADSL2+router with sku of F90-610025-06.

I'm not certain if DDW36124B or 2Wire322 is my modem to access, but both of them ask for a security key. The picture shows that it should be on the bottom of my modem, but it's not. Also no paperwork for my modem was included when I signed up for AT&T DSL. The only numbers there are my modem access code, sku, s/n, and mac. I tried all of them anyway and they didn't work. Upon logging into my modem there's no kind of security tab to click on to see what the key is. Any ideas, suggestions, or help? Thanks!

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Re: security key

You need to call tech support 1 and have them reset your password. easiest method of doing it.
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