auto-fill/contact list not working

Tutor auto-fill/contact list not working

Last month in March, the auto-fill for addressing email stopped working for a week or better. Suddenly, the problem went away. Now, it's happening again.


Auto-filling addresses is needed when you have a lot of contacts and can't remember every address. When will this be fixed? It's hard to get information from AT&T. When I Googled this problem, I see it has happened 2011.


It's driving me crazy! When I go to my contact list to send an email, it gives error, but no error number. Any email I address that IS in my contact list, goes out as a NEW contact which it isn't.


I am assuming ATT is away of this? ( at least)



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Re: auto-fill/contact list not working

I guess no one from ATT can address this?
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Re: auto-fill/contact list not working

I have been having the same problems with my Contact list and auto-fill April 11-13. I wonder how widespread this problem is and if AT&T is aware of this. I guess I will have to make a phone call tomorrow.

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Re: auto-fill/contact list not working

You may want to check this out:


ConnecTech websiteor call 1-800-344-1734 (Phone support is available 8 am – 11 pm Central Time, 7 days a week)


Good luck folks, so far mine is still working..








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Re: auto-fill/contact list not working

I am experiencing the same thing. Initially, I was using Firefox as my web browser and when I contacted ATT the tech support rep instructed me to download IE because Firefox wasn't in sync with ATT email. I went to IE and it worked for a short while but currently not able to access the auto-filling addresses.
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Re: auto-fill/contact list not working

I tried Chrome browser. Auto-filled worked. Maybe it's IE. I am so fed up with it whatever is causing it. GEEZE..

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Re: auto-fill/contact list not working

Thank you much, Ron!! I'll try looking through those. I've Googled the problem and it does exist for some of happened a lot last year to folks too.
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Re: auto-fill/contact list not working

My auto-fill stopped working in march. Any solutions?

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Re: auto-fill/contact list not working

Mine is working now. The only thing I did was run CCleaner. It got rid of junk in my system....and now my contacts work and my auto fill works. Weird.

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