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remote management


remote management

I am trying to figure out how to allow for remote management of the I38gh (2wire device).  Any ideas so that I can let my IT person get through the firewall.  He is in one state and I'm in another.

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Re: remote management  should get you into the 2Wire modem.  Look for a Firewall tab, see if you can temporarily turn it off.


Also, it could be Windows Firewall not allowing access; in addition to some anti-virus programs that have built-in firewalls.

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Re: remote management

You can try the LogMeIn free download and I use it all the time to take remote control of someone else's computer. Once downloaded you will be asked to create a password and computer access code. I normally make these the same but you can make them what you want/different. Then give your IT person your email address, along with the password and access code. They don't need to have the LogMeIn program installed on their machine but would go to the logmein site and log into your computer from the prompt on the top right side of their site screen.


Once the IT person has remote control of your computer they can access the 2Wire modem from the info spd2demun gave in the previous post.


When you download the free version don't sign up for the free trial of the pay version of logmein. It's pretty easy to avoid and just pass on the offer.


Another good free computer remote access program I've used is TeamViewer but I'm much more familiar with LogMeIn which works great. Again, just make sure you are signing up for the free version.


Hope this helps in letting your IT person access the 2Wire modem.


Good luck.



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Re: remote management

I agree with uniblurb.... I use both. 


I only use the portable version of teamviewer from when I need control on the fly. Quick, simple and does the job. 



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