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"Urgent Matter" message for AT&T DSL


"Urgent Matter" message for AT&T DSL

A few days ago when I got home from school and tried to get on the internet I was redirected to a screen that said "We have an urgent matter to discuss with you" and it gave a 1-800 number to call. The issue is solved now but I wanted to know if anyone else has seen this before and what could it possible mean? After looking on the internet for the cause of it I came across something mentioning downloading copyrighted things. I don't download anything but I admit to finding sites to watch TV shows. Since seeing this message I havent watched any shows or movies online because I'm a little scared now


My mom mentioned it being something about having to register again so am I just overeacting?


And i dont think it had anything to do with a virus because we are protected.

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Re: "Urgent Matter" message for AT&T DSL

happened to me when my settings on my modem got messed up. I corrected the settings and everything worked again
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Re: "Urgent Matter" message for AT&T DSL

usually means some kind of billing issue. Wasnt paid, credit card needs to updated or was declined, something like that. The message u get when u need to register is usually something like we need to fix ur connection ur id and password doesnt match the account, or itll take u straight to a registration page.

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Re: "Urgent Matter" message for AT&T DSL

i think that ios not a vorus its something to do with the conenction with your modem. a techsupport should give you assistance to check the line circuit and check modem configuration if your authenticated on their server
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