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personal antivirus

I have a personal antivirus that has popped up on my computer that is trying to get me to purchase additional protection. i sent them an email asking if they were AT&T - they are not. This is the message they sent. I can not get this off my computer, it keeps popping up that I have this and this and this - please help Dear customer, In order to remove found infections and protect your computer you can try out our product. We advise this program because it protects your personal data, allowing you shop and bank online. Using it your passwords, account information, credit card numbers and other personal details always will be safe from identity thieves. It has a lot of advantages. One of the most important is that our program is a powerful, fast and effective software for computers running Microsoft Windows. It provides protection against viruses, spyware, adware, trojans and rootkits. Moreover, it’s easy to download, install, and use with little impact on system performance. Technical support, new program and detection updates are included in the software within 24 hours. Also, our research teams are permanently on the lookout for new threats so we can quickly protect your computer. We accept Visa and MasterCard. You can safely enter your entire credit card number via our secure server, which encrypts all submitted information. Suddenly, if you find, that our software isn’t what you’ve expected, you are welcome to contact us within 30 days of the purchase for getting a full refund. If you have any questions concerning our software, please contact our Customer Support Service for further assistance. We kindly ask you to participate in a statistical survey for our Marketing Research Department. We would very appreciate if you answer the following questions: -Do you have/had any other Antivirus program on your computer? If you do, please specify which one. -How long have you been using it? - What are the basic requirements for anti-virus software relevant to you? Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Regards, Mary White Customer Support Specialist
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Re: personal antivirus

hi scranesmallwood!


you may try to remove that program from automatically running during start up. btw, what is the name of the antivirus being offered to you?


you can disable that by going to START --> RUN --> type msconfig in the box --> hit OK --> go to the START UP tab --> uncheck the box with the name related to that program being offered to you --> hit OK. your computer will restart after that.


once it restarts, on the System Configuration window, check the box that says DO NOT SHOW ME THIS MESSAGE AGAIN and hit OK. this should remove that annoying alert asking you to download their program.


hope this helps! :smileyhappy:

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Re: personal antivirus

hello scranesmallwood! if you can't find the program on the system configuration screen, it only means that your computer is already infected with a spyware program. I'll suggest not to install the Personal Antivirus program because it will only make your computer worse. If you have an existing antivirus software installed in your computer, try to run the virus scan. And if you're still receiving the PA pop up, you might need to contact your computer manufacturer.
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Re: personal antivirus

Sounds like you've already got a bit of voodoo doin' what it do on your machine. You can download Spybot Search & Destroy < >and/or Malware Bytes < >, run a scan & see whether or not your computer is infected or not. AVG FREE < > is a good, stable, low overhead anti-virus program. They have regular automatic updates, and it protects IE & system settings. Did I mention that all of the above listed software is FREE (as well as pretty dadburn effective).
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Re: personal antivirus

thing is, before you install an antivirus program, have your computer cleaned first.
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