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not getting 6mb package speeds


not getting 6mb package speeds

i'm a new dsl member and this is my 3rd day and tests from show 2mb down and excellent ping of 30,the thing is i'm not gettng 6mb  service .any ideas?  



att modem 



dsl direct package

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Re: not getting 6mb package speeds

Since you mentioned that you are experiencing slow speed issue with AT&T DSL services, I would like to explain that, there are many reasons due to which you may be experiencing slow surfing speeds. 
The speed of the connection depends on many factors like heavy Internet usage or Internet traffic. If there is heavy Internet traffic, the speed will drop accordingly. When the Internet usage is low (during off peak hours) the speed will increase. It will never stay at the maximum value.
I would suggest you to check your AT&T current Internet speed before performing trouble shooting steps mentioned below. or

Please perform these steps after getting the speed test result:


  1. Check your computer
    Reboot by turning your computer and modem/router off and then back on again. Simply rebooting solves most connection problems.


  2. Check your web browser Clear the cache (temporary internet files) in your web browser.
    Clear the cookies in your web browser.


  3. Check your connection Make sure DSL line filters have been installed for all devices using the phone line.
    Want more speed? Upgrade to a faster Internet connection package.


  4. Try the AT&T Service & Support Tool
    Our AT&T Service & Support Tool detects problems and resolves connection issues.


Additional Steps

If the above steps did not improve your connection speed, try these additional steps:

After performing above steps, if you experiencing any issue regarding slow speed, I would suggest you please, contact AT&T voice technical help desk at 1-877-722-3755 (open 24/7) and troubleshoot according to their recommendation if require they will perform a line test on your AT&T DSL line and help you accordingly.

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