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navigation bar blocked


navigation bar blocked

all my websites seem to be blocked by a certification problem..all of them , att,facebook,yahoo. no matter which one I go into. also my clock is about 3 hrs behind. how do I fix this? thank you..glenna
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Re: navigation bar blocked

hi glenna!

try clearing your browser's temporary internet files and check the other settings. if you are using the Internet Explorer (IE) browser:

1. Click on 'Tools'. (on the upper-portion of the browser) --> Select 'Internet Options'.
2. Click on 'Delete Cookies' and 'Delete Files' buttons.
Note: If you do not have the above options, try the ff:
Click on the 'Delete' button under Browsing History. Then check the boxes for 'Cookies' and 'Cache'. Then click on 'Delete' again. Hit OK once done clearing the temporary internet files.
3. Go to the 'Privacy Tab', set it to Medium.
4. Go to the Content tab, click on "Clear SSL State".
5. Go to the 'Connections Tab' and click on the 'LAN Settings' button. Make sure that no box is checked. Then hit 'OK'.
6. Close and re-open the IE browser.

Check if the certification issue continues. if it does, try using another browser. i suggest Mozilla. you can download the browser at if you don't have it installed on the computer.

hope this helps! :smileyhappy:
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Re: navigation bar blocked

are you referring to the computer's system clock (usually at the bottom-right corner of the monitor screen)? if so, just double-left click on the displayed time. it should pull up the Date and Time Properties window where you can change the settings.

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