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linksys wireless-g 2.4ghz problems


linksys wireless-g 2.4ghz problems

Disconnected our land line with ATT.  Have DSL thru ATT. Internet on pc runs fine, however, wireless on IBM Thinkpad no longer works.  Both worked until ATT did their "final disconnect" of our phone line and number.

Phone line from wall is plugged into back of modem.  DSL cable runs from modem to linksys and from linksys to pc.  This is the way it has always been set up - except the phone was also connected.

Would appreciate any input on why wireless no longer works.  Thinkpad is running XP, Vista is on PC.

Thanks in advance for help(which we really need).


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Re: linksys wireless-g 2.4ghz problems

Hello scoobers,


If the Internet connection is working fine on your desktop (which is connected to your Linksys router via Ethernet cable), this indicates that there is no problem with the AT&T Internet services. However, since you are using a third party router (Linksys) for the wireless connection and if the wireless is not working on your IBM ThinkPad, I would suggest you to contact AT&T ConnecTech at 1-877-831-2880 (open 24/7). They will help you to resolve this issue.

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Re: linksys wireless-g 2.4ghz problems

If the internet works on the PC then we know your internets working. Make sure everythings plugged in that needs to be plugged. Make sure power is going to your wireless as well as an ethernet cable from your modem to the wireless router to the correct port. The port the modem should plug into the router should most likely read 'wlan'.


Also I have a few questions for you


1. Does the ThinkPad even see the wireless connection?


If no then:


Check the wireless switch on it make sure its turned on (seems silly I know, but they put those switches in the most inconvient places and they often do get turned off sometimes when laptop is being handled).


If yes, then lets continue.


2. Are you using the IBM wireless manager, or the windows wireless manager?


If your using the IBM wireless manager, I'd suggest disabling it. Which you should be able to do by just righ clicking the item in the system tray in the lower left hand corner.


Then enable the windows wireless manager. To do this. Go to your start menu and click on 'Run'. Then type 'services.msc' (withouth the quotes). Then a windows should open with a list of services. Scroll down tell you see the 'WirelessZeroConfig'. Right click on it and click on start. If its already started it should notify you.


After its started, you'll want to go to your network connections windows and right click the wireless connection and go to properties. It should open a small window with three tabs at the top. Click on the wireless tab and you should see where it says something like ' Use windows to configure my wireless' check it. Then search for wireless connections again. Hopefully it'll find it.


If your already using windows to manage your connection then lets move on.


3. Does it see any other connections besides yours?


If Yes:


Then it could indicate an issue with your router (its a good idea to switch your wireless router out atleasy every two years or so). Or could it just be that router needs a restart or it was misconfigured at some point. You can also right click on your wireless connection and do a repair and see on what step it fails. This could give some insite as well.


If no:


If its not seeing any wireless and you've checked the wireless switch on the side and its on, then its possible the adapter could be going bad or maybe the driver is corrupted. Right click on My computer and go to properties then click on the hardware tab and open up the device manager. You should see network adapters listed, if its a driver issue you should see like a yellow exclamation mark or question mark next to the device.  You could try reinstalling the driver or updating it from IBMs site.


If that doesn't work then its probably safe to say your wireless adapter has gone bad.



Anwyho, hope this helps!

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