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I have a laptop that I cant get on line with It ask me for a account number which I dont have where can I get that from

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Please accept my sincere apologies for any inconvenience that you might have experienced.


Procuring a laptop is a very convenient way to get on line.


Based from what you said, I'm not certain if you're referring to your log in to your laptop or modem configuration. However, below are the possible solutions to your issue since there are factors to consider in connecting your laptop.


* Getting pass through an Account password


      The moment you turn on your laptop and log in to a user account before getting to your screen would require a password and that is also considered as an Account password. The password that you need to enter is the one that you created upon creating the account on your laptop.



* Getting pass through Internet connection for the first time or through a cable connection


      New customers need to register their dsl account in order to get on line.

If you are a new customer then you might be prompted to register your account,thus needing you to enter your Account Number to create the account which is your DSL number.If this is a new laptop and you are connecting it via an ethernet cable, it could be that it prompted you to our installation or set-up wizard. In some cases, if it's the first time to connect a certain computer or laptop, it would automatically direct you to the modem's interface to authenticate to the network using your username and password.




* Wireless connection needs Security passwords - if you are using wireless connection.


      Laptops do have built in wireless capabilities in order for you to connect and it will be asking for a Security password. What it would normally ask is the WEP key or security key. You may follow these steps on how to go wireless by accessing these solution links:



The three factors that I have presented might be an one of solutions to get you on line. If in any case what I have presented does not work.

I will gladly assist you online through our Chat department through clicking on this link:

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