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intermittent dsl connection problem

intermittent dsl connection problem

I see that I am not alone with this problem of losing the dsl connection. I to have had several conversations with att. The DSL people tell me to conatact the line service people to check the lines. The line service people then tell me that it is not their problem and to contact the DSL tech people.


My problems  started about 5 weeks ago, prior to that I had absolutely no problems. I lose the connection randomly for as little as 5 to 10 seconds and other times as much as 5 minutes. I do nothing and the connection recovers itself. i have changeed all of the filters and rebooted the **bleep** modem more times than I care to talk about.


I agree we are not getting our moneys worth from ATT. I have contacted Brighthouse about switching over to all cable which I am not all that enthused about, however if it solves the connect problems so be it!


It appears that ATT has some technical issues and are not addressing them from what I gather from all of the posts on the connect issue.

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Re: intermittent dsl connection problem

Where are you located geographically?  I'm in Atlanta, Georgia and am having exactly the same problem.

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Re: intermittent dsl connection problem

I am just north of Tampa Florida. Bellsouth

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Re: intermittent dsl connection problem

i am located in metro-atlanta as well and this problem started a couple of months ago. i switched over to ATT because charter internet had connection problems, and i was touting ATT as being so much better to charter... now ATT starts to develop problems that are just as bad! what's the deal? i've called them and all they do is tell me to restart the modem a couple times... their tech support is absolutely worthless. i am currently looking for other options for internet as this is unacceptable. i may even have to go back to charter. ugh
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Re: intermittent dsl connection problem

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