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getting PRO speed but paying for ELITE


getting PRO speed but paying for ELITE

I do have a tech coming on saturday.  But for the first two weeks of my At & T service, I have been getting a steady 2.5 ish download and .45 upload.  Nowhere near the 6 down and .76 up I am paying for.  Can someone please maybe check my redback profile?  Wondering why this is happening?  Not a good start to my At & T service.

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Re: getting PRO speed but paying for ELITE

Hi jeremyjurewicz,

Welcome to the Community!  There may be several reasons for this.  The Community has several experts that will gladly share their suggestions.  In the meantime, I wanted to share the following solution with more information on AT&T internet speeds.  If we can help further, please post for the Community or Private Message me. (May need to select service type to view solution)




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Re: getting PRO speed but paying for ELITE

Thanks for responding.  I tried all those solutions.  When I called the help desk last night, the lady ran some tests and said that is was something on AT & T's end.  So I am really hoping that the service guy will make everything right on saturday.

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