getting PRO speed but paying for ELITE


getting PRO speed but paying for ELITE

I do have a tech coming on saturday.  But for the first two weeks of my At & T service, I have been getting a steady 2.5 ish download and .45 upload.  Nowhere near the 6 down and .76 up I am paying for.  Can someone please maybe check my redback profile?  Wondering why this is happening?  Not a good start to my At & T service.

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Re: getting PRO speed but paying for ELITE

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Hi jeremyjurewicz,

Welcome to the Community!  There may be several reasons for this.  The Community has several experts that will gladly share their suggestions.  In the meantime, I wanted to share the following solution with more information on AT&T internet speeds.  If we can help further, please post for the Community or Private Message me. (May need to select service type to view solution)




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Re: getting PRO speed but paying for ELITE

Thanks for responding.  I tried all those solutions.  When I called the help desk last night, the lady ran some tests and said that is was something on AT & T's end.  So I am really hoping that the service guy will make everything right on saturday.

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