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It seems that every time I have to make a the slightest change to my service, my bill becomes so messed up. When I have called customer service I have been pushed from person to person to only have to call back 2 more time before my account has been fixed. I have even had one customer service agent call me a liar and when I asked to speak to her supervisor she would not conect me directly but, said she would give me their was the 1-800-call-att. ??? Now I know I'm just a college student that has been late a few days because money is tight but, do they think I'm an {word filter evasion} Do I deserve to be treated this way? I have online classes that att has made me fail test on because my internet service has been out...I don't make them pay for me to retake the class. So why do they charge me for internet twice.? I am so sick of haveing to call over and over again. Something has to be done.

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Re: fustration!!!

I know how you feel. AT&T has the worst customer service in the industry. I have switched over to VERIZON for my wireless ( they are AWESOME! ) and closed my home phone with AT&T. You can imagine the headache I have now. I wonder if any of them even graduated high school.


Right now I am stuck with their DSL. Which is the worst I have ever had. I pay for 6.0 and I never get speeds faster than 2 down.


They have sent tech;s out that have no idea what they are doing.


Soon I am switching to clear, atleast they seem to know their stuff better,

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Re: fustration!!!

Very typical AT&T customer experience.


And they had the NERVE AND AUDACITY to include in their NEW dicatatorial TOS that they can terminate your service for being rude to their employees.






"Frustration" does not even compare.  I feel like we are HOSTAGE to AT&T and their TOS because we have NO alternative for Internet service. 


At least now when we do switch to another ISP, we will be able to keep our email addresses that we've had since back to the Prodigy switch over about 11 or so years ago.

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Re: fustration!!!

Wow! Your experience is nearly identical to ours! One AT&T Tech even told me "Wow! You're way more technically advanced than I am!"


And started asking me questions about how to improve HIS technology's performance and security!


All he knew how to do was the only the specific narrow training AT&T gives field techs.  By the way, AT&T is such a huge company that sometimes field techs find out about changes when they are onsite at a customers' location and they have to call into their office for assistance.


AT&T simply does not want to provide good customer service.  They know they don't have to because they will NEVER disappear or be beaten by competition.


The reason I cannot get Verizon FIOS is because of leftover agreements from the 'Ma Bell' days that companies made agreeing to  cede certain territories to each other.  Verizon's agreement keeps them from providing service this far South in my area; cutoff is 17 miles north of me. Smiley Sad

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Re: fustration!!!

I have classes that give homework and quizzes online and everytime my service "blinks out" for a few seconds i have to log back in because they use secure servers and start over agian. 10 minute assignments frequently take 30 mins or more to complete. I have finally had enough and am switching to Road Runner on Thursday. I will be taking the 3, yes 3 modems that differnet AT&T techs have left at my house (I guess they refuse to admit its their infrastucture, not everybody's home wiring or modems that don't work) out to the range and putting some .380 autos into them to relieve some of my frustation after dealing with this incompetent company for so long. i would say goodbye AT&T, but i hate to use the word good and AT&T in the same sentence. 

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Re: fustration!!!

Think they screwed you over? ... Lissen up:


  • I had dsl internet and home phone with att since 1993.
  • Decided in April to use Vonage and keep just my att internet.
  • Called Vonage and  set everything up to be active in early April.
  • Vonage rep and myself had a 3-way call to get everything scheduled and ordered.
  • My DSL and phone were "bundled so att said they had to cancel that account and set up a new DSL stand alone account ... ok
  • This was to happen on April 13, and my number was to be relkeased to Vonage.
  • ATT cut off my DSL on April 13 and did not set up a new stand alone account ... my phone was still active???
  • Spent 6 hours on the phone with their collection of only to find out the best they could do was to have my "new" DSL accountant active on May 3. Do you believe this???
  • You need high speed internet to use Vonage.
  • They said they would leave my phone service on and I still had "dial up" internet service.
  • The next day they disconnected my phone service, leaving me with nothing.
  • I went to a neighbor's and called Comcast who came out the next day and I was up and running.
  • At this point, I am done with att for life.
  • Well I get my final bill from att and they charged me for an entire month of internet when they cut me off 2 days into the billing cycle.
  • Called att and went through a series of until one finally saw what I was talking about anbd said he would credit the account with the bad charges.
  • I got the correct bill on june 5 and the amount is due on june 13.
  • I get a letter from their collection agency regarding my past due account ...

{Please keep it courteous}

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Re: fustration!!!

You know, folks, ATT is going downhill very fast. The problem is the company was so used to being a monopoly they never felt the need to compete or to do very much about customer service.


I still find it hard to believe how badly they fumbled my simple order to cancel my home phone service and leave me with just stand alone internet. Fumbling the order is one thing, but spending as much time as I did on the phone with their incompetent, lying CSR's is quite another thing. These people had no idea what they are doing.


[Per Guidelines:  Keep it Relevant and Appropriate].

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Re: fustration!!!

- I get a call Friday from one of ATT's debt collectors {Please keep it courteous}


- Their collector can barely speak English.


- I inform the poorly trained, {Please keep it courteous }the bill was due on June 13 and it's hardly delinquent.


- He continues to jabber and I tell him to @#$%$$#%^^^ and hang up.


- This should show everyone what a ridiculous outfit the "new ATT" is.


To sum it up, ... very lousy customer service and very, very poorly trained employees. The totally flubbed my order, would do nothing to rectify thgeir errors, send me an incorrect final bill, and have a debt collector calling me over a bill that was due June 13.





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