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ex-husband holds sub email account hostage


ex-husband holds sub email account hostage

I have an email address that I have used to conduct all of my business for many years.  It is a sub account of my ex-husband's account.  In July he did not pay his bill and I could not access it.  I spent half a day on the phone with AT&T to get access to it AND to separate it from his account.  I have my own AT&T DSL account now, but have continued to do my business on my established email address.  There was nothing they could do on either front until he paid his bill, which he did on that day, but even though it showed in their records, they said they couldn't do anything until the next day when it had "cleared".  I was promised that separating my sub account from his account was easily done and would be taken care of first thing in the morning.


I checked it a few days later.  It had not been attached to my account AS PROMISED.  I was finally able to take the time to call and ask about this and I was told that I had been misinformed.  This is not possible.  I talked with at least 6 people in July who said it was, but now I'm getting a different story.  I cannot even separate it from his account as a free account.  Which would happen automatically if his account were to permanently close.


Here are my options per AT&T:

-I can change my password so he can't access my emails:  There was I time when this had to be done through his account.  Fortunately this is no longer the case.  Done.

-I can set up a new email:  I already have other email accounts.  The Ameritech account has thousands of emails from the last several years stored and organized for future reference.  That cannot be duplicated in another account.

-I can ASK MY EX to delete the account:  See above.


Just because he doesn't have the password doesn't mean he doesn’t have control over my account. 

-When he doesn't pay his bills, I am denied access to MY account until he does. 

-He could delete it at any time and I would have no recourse. 


This policy of not being able to separate sub accounts from main accounts is abhorrent and MUST BE CHANGED!

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Re: ex-husband holds sub email account hostage

HI, thats frustrating Smiley Sad, have you tried calling Tier 2. I think they have all controls in their server including issue with email primary and subaccounts. You can try calling 2nd level of their techsupport. Theres must be other way to separate your email to the primary one and can make your email adress as standalone email or free email from at&t..


Ken Smiley Happy
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Re: ex-husband holds sub email account hostage

I spoke with a very understanding woman in Tier 2 tech support and her manager.  She said that even if I got a court order she was uncertain it could be done.  One would think that it should be possible.  They kept saying that as long as it was attached to an active account they could not be separated.

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