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customer service is terrible, and I DO also feel held hostage!!!


customer service is terrible, and I DO also feel held hostage!!!

I have had terrible luck with simply getting my service activated. I went through 2 weeks of waiting for my dry loop to be connected, calling every day sometimes 2 times after my intitial activation date, everyday it was the same story, they have till 8pm to activate service, but after 8pm there is no one to talk to after 5pm. what the heck? so you spend 45 minutes to an hour the next day explaining to 3 or 4 different offices that over apologize but are absolutely no help. Then they tell you the same thing, they have till 8pm. I was so frustrated last time I finally just cancelled it after finally getting it on, for a day and a half, when my connection failed. After trying to get another service for a month, to no avail, since I live in a heavily wooded neighborhood, I tried Att one more time. And guess what?? Yes, I am going through the same process all over again, Wow. Why can't you simply do what you say and say what you do? Also, its not like you are going to compensate me in any way for the repeated inconveniences, i guarantee the bills come VERY regular!! So once again ATT, Im waiting for you to simply do your job, and provide the service you are paid to do.
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Re: customer service is terrible, and I DO also feel held hostage!!!

Hello Daytripn ,


I truly appreciate that you took your valuable time to let us know that you are experiencing issue while getting the AT&T Internet Services activated and please accept my sincere apologies for any inconvenience that you might have experienced.


Ideally, the procedure to get the AT&T Internet services activated should not take that long. There might be some technical reason because of which the services were unable to activate.


We appreciate your feedback; it is valuable to us in improving our performance.

AT&T Yahoo! considers Member feedback important and we have established a web-page exclusively designed to receive your valuable feedback. Please submit your feedback to:


In future, if you experience any technical issue with AT&T Internet services, it is recommended that you contact the AT&T eChat helpdesk.

If you are in, 'AR, CA, CT, IL, IN, KS, MI, MO, NV, OH, OK, TX, & WI', you may click on the following link to connect to a chat agent.

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