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cannot receive email


cannot receive email

have a email account. I can send email from this account to anyone, but I cannot receive email to this new account from anyone. I do use a client outlook 2007 for my mail, but i should also expect to send email if i want to to this account ? everything sent to this att email ends up going to outlook 2007

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Re: cannot receive email

Hi Bear55,

Please accept my sincere apologies for any inconvenience that you might have  experienced and thank you for using AT&T Technical Support forums.

I just want to verify if you are using an AT&T email address or not. If yes,  these settings should be entered on your Outlook 2007:


Incoming Port #: 995 (SSL is checked)
Outgoing Port #: 465 (SSL is checked)

To completely verify if you have the correct settings, please use this link:

On the other hand, if you are not using an AT&T email address, you may just  need to use the Outgoing Server and Outgoing Port #. For your incoming server, you need to get it from your email provider.

There is another way where you can also  access your email and it is via Webmail. This is a web-based email where you just need to enter your  complete AT&T email address and password to get your emails.  You can
access your mail on this website:  To know more about  the differences between Webmail and Client Mail, please use this link:

The only reason why your emails  will directly go to your Outlook 2007 its because you did not leave a copy of messages on the server. Technically,both Wembail and Client Mail (Outlook 2007) will have the same number of email messages. If you accidentally deleted the emails from your outlook, you can still retrieve them by recreating the account on your Outlook since  the  messages are still on the server. On the other hand, if you will delete  the messages from the Webmail, there is no way for you to get back the messages if you will download it from your Outlook.

I recommend to check and verify if you really have the correct settings for  your Outlook. Please also leave a copy of messages on the server to retrieve  loss emails.

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