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cannot access email


cannot access email

since earlier today I keep receiving popup message to enter my password...I clickon the popup that contains my password and it just keeps popping up again....I tried resetting my password but the answer I give to security questions are rejected.  I am on att powered by yahoo


cant get to talk to anyone at att about problem...just a runaround    need help    bernie

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Re: cannot access email

Are you saying that you cannot get into your email online either?


I learned that AT&T keeps lots of separate passwords, which I have now set to the same thing. Not only that, but it appears that they keep separate security questions for ATT.COM and ATT.NET. This was very confusing until I figured it out. Have you registered with both ATT.COM and ATT.NET? If so, maybe your answering the wrong security question or something.


I have rarely had difficulty logging into web mail on ATT.NET unless there was a general email outage (two this month, even though not all their reps knew about them). When it has been a problem specific to my id, the chat room reps have always been able to get me into web mail.


Don't ask them to try to fix downloads other than maybe reviewing your settings. Their POP3 client support is notoriously unstable, and my perception is that download and upload failures occur and go away at random. This was my experience on two windows XP machines using Outlook Express and on a brand new machine using Windows 7 Live Mail. Others have reported it on Windows Outlook and on Macs.


My theory is that it might be a Yahoo problem, as Yahoo charges extra for POP3 client support in "Mail PLus", and AT&T doesn't always, particularly for accounts created before June 2011. 


My solution is to use AT&T web mail to forward my messages to a HotMail address (GMail should also work) and download from there. When the 800CCC90 password rejection server error is active, I also upload through the Hotmail account. Works every time. I have not given up and changed all my online account registrations to the HotMail address, but of course that is the next step. AT&T will love it because one more source of complaints will have gone away.


If you have Windows Live Mail and they suggest you delete the account and rebuild it (the old "must be corrupt" work around), be sure you have moved your messages to folders under the STORAGE folder first. They might even ask you to uninstall the client software, download a new copy, and reinstall it. That's when you thank them for at least trying to be humorous, Their feelings will be hurt and they may say that you've got to cooperate with them (I have heard this line from supervisors) if you want the problem fixed, but they're just putting on a lame standup comedy routine at that point.


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