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can't connect to Westell router


can't connect to Westell router

Recently received a new Westell router from ATT to replace my old/broken 2wire router.


However I can't connect (wirelessly) my Gateway NV78 64-bit to the new Westell router. (Note that it works fine when connected with a cable).


Talked to ATT and Gateway support. Downloaded the latest wireless drivers for the laptop. Still can't connect.


Info about the router:


- Westell

- rev 12

- Model: B90-755025-15



Any ideas?




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Re: can't connect to Westell router

you can try deleting the saved wireless profiles in your wireless networks and create a new one using the wireless encryption/security key that you can find on the bottom of your netgear7550. are you using a laptop? what's the os?
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