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can I get a email?


can I get a email?

i'm confused.....recently moved to oklahoma with the military, and signed up for att home internet. i've been outside of the continental us for about 3 years now and was surprised to see at&t and yahoo merged.... i see i can make sub-accts, but cannot make any with does anyone know of any tricks to get around this? i had bellsouth in high school and wanted to get an email similar to my old one. please let me know if anyone can help! thanks! :smileyhappy:
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Re: can I get a email?

i believe all new ATT accounts are given an domain, and all its sub-accounts will also have the same email domain.


but if you once had bellsouth and was able to register the same email ID as the new primary email ID for the ATT internet service, then you have the options to create an or sub-accounts.

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Re: can I get a email?

unfortunately it was over 15 years ago that i had the email address.... :smileysad:

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