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att/yahoo ssl changes


att/yahoo ssl changes

thanks to no help from ATT technical support. it appears that email client outlook 2003 needs different setting than what is posted on ATT web site. SMTP/POP are ssl disabled use port 110/587.

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Re: att/yahoo ssl changes

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!  I have been fighting with this issue for DAYS!  And you are right...AT&T has been NO help whatsoever.  All the settings info on their online support pages is bogus!  I don't know how you discovered the correct settings (and I wonder for how long they will work?), but BLESS YOU for managing to figure it out.

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Re: att/yahoo ssl changes

AH HA!!!!!!.... Sooooo ATT is making non-public changes "Again" Its funny how U-VERSE will send me a postcard everytime about changes in programming OR new channels or numbers changing, but when it comes to I.T. changes... no one has a "CLUE"


My settings have always worked and suddenly just stopped working... I've adopted the updated settings and I CAN SEND EMAIL VIA OUTLOOK 2007 again...


Note to ATT Tech Support... please inform your technicians to stop telling clients that this is a Microsoft issue... because its not.


If you like... i guess you could blame in on Gremlins making changes during the night?



Cheers everyone....

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