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I have an issue with the ATT.MY.YAHOO homepage.  It takes an average of 30 seconds to load, both on my ATT High speed DSL connection, and on my son's much faster comcast cable connection.  Nearly all other websites and links open in fractions of one second, so the problem is NOT in my computer or internet connection(s).  Once the homepage is open response seems normal on most links, but if I close the browser and reopen it I experience the long delay all over again. (Using windows internet explorer 9 on Windows 7 Ultra 64 bit)


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Re: home page is slow home page is not only slow to open, but once it's loaded I can't access any of the stories.  The highlighted items won't scroll & when I click on one, it won't open.  Likewise, I can't preview my email & when I try to open email it takes at least two or three times if it opens at all.  This has been the situation for about a week & I'm about to change home pages since it's useless as it is.

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