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at&t modem/router combo and ps3 NAT settings


at&t modem/router combo and ps3 NAT settings

Hey I have a connection where my internet runs from the phone line to a router/modem combo device. I am trying to edit some settings so my NAT settings on my ps3 changes from NAT type 3 (strict) to NAT type 2 (open/moderate) so that I can party up with my brother online for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and when I type in the routers ip in my internet to change settings (like open up ports or establish DMZ for gaming) there aren't any options probably due to it being controlled by AT&T and me not being allowed to edit any settings on it. Is there a way to have that changed? Do I call them and ask them to open up all the ports? Do they do stuff like that? and if so what information would I need ready when I call them (like account name/info, router/modem model number or anything like that? Any help? Appreciate it.
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Re: at&t modem/router combo and ps3 NAT settings

is that the 2Wire you're using? yes, AT&T Home Networking can help you change the settings on the 2Wire firewall. if you're using the current versions of the 2Wire, just go to the IP and then hit the FIREWALL icon at the very top of the 2Wire interface.
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Re: at&t modem/router combo and ps3 NAT settings

how exactly do you do that

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