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Yahoo! Continuation Service


Yahoo! Continuation Service

Who bills me for my Yahoo! Continuation Service? I have an old email address that I would like to keep, but my credit card expired and I can't seem to update it.


I have added my new credit card in the Yahoo Wallet, but I cannot delete the old one (The web browser reports "Too many redirects" and gives up. This is not a browser issue; I have tried several browsers on two different platforms, and they all say the same thing. This is a bug with the website). Even though there is a valid credit card in there, it keeps trying to bill to the expired one!


I have tried contacting Yahoo support twice, and both times they said this is an issue, and to contact AT&T instead.


I tried contacting various AT&T phone support lines, but they all seem to deal with services like telephone, ISP, wireless, etc., and require me to give them account information for those services. I don't have any of those services, and I don't even live in the US anymore, so I can't even give them a state or zip code. I talked to one representitive that didn't know how to help me, because he was looking at my old AT&T phone service account, which was closed years ago. I don't think he even knew what was, or that there was such a thing as Yahoo Continuation Service.


So. Who do I call to get my credit card updated? Who is responsible for the Yahoo Wallet website and can report bugs to the appropriate developers? I seem to be going in circles here.

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Re: Yahoo! Continuation Service

Hello MAKtheMortal!!  Please look for a private message from me!  I am one of the Community Specialists for the forum and would like to get you some help!  Smiley Happy  ~Delia

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For account specific help, please send a private message to ATTCustomerCare

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