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Yahoo Calendar Now AT&T Calendar?


Yahoo Calendar Now AT&T Calendar?

Help! Been using Yahool Calendar for years even before AT&T came on board. Signed in with Yahoo email address.


Now that I sign in with personal email address from ( Yahoo calendar items not there. Still receiving email reminders so know calendar is somewhere, but can't find it. What do I do? Emailed Yahoo folks and they said to contact AT&T because it's an Internet issue. So confused! Has Yahoo merged with AT&T or are they just combining some features?


Guess I will call AT&T tomorrow. Too tired tonight to go through the rig-a-ma-row with the support techs.

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Re: Yahoo Calendar Now AT&T Calendar?

Not happy!! Found an email AT&T page. Filled in info and clicked submit. This is what I got....

The Page You Requested Is No Longer Available

Please visit our Homepage at or browse our content from A-Z


So frustrated! Would like to resolve problem via email or online somehow. Phone calls to tech center take too long...

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Re: Yahoo Calendar Now AT&T Calendar?


Hi there SnapShot,


I extend my gratitude to you for contacting us about this issue through the forums and please, accept my sincere apologies for any inconvenience that you have experienced. With regard to emails, At&t has partnered with Yahoo!. You said you got your calendars on your regular Yahoo!

email. Given that, the information there and the calender can only be accessed if you're signed in to your regular Yahoo! email. That could be why you were not able to see any calendars when you signed in with your Bellsouth/At&t email. That's because it's another account; so you have a different calendar in it eventhough it's on the same homepage or server which is Yahoo!. I hope this has cleared out a couple of things. Thank you for your patience.


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ATT/Yahoo calendar broken

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Re: ATT/Yahoo calendar broken

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