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Wow your internet service is terrible


Wow your internet service is terrible

Well my family and I just moved to Columbus, Ohio and since Verizon (a significantly superior DSL company to AT&T) wasn't available in our area we decided to go with AT&T. Boy this was a mistake. The internet constantly loses connection often and it is completely on AT&T's end. We've ran all new phone wiring through the house with brand new phone jacks and all the phones have filters yet the internet still loses connection with the modem. If AT&T cannot keep up with the demand of the internet I would love to know so that I can switch now from this very terrible service. I guess we should have went with roadrunner like we were originally going to. Oh lets not even mention the terrible pricing for the terrible internet speeds given. We pay $36 a month for the lowest level phone service and a 1.1 mbps internet connection. This company is a joke and I would not reccommend there internet to anybody.

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Re: Wow your internet service is terrible

Terrible is right.

I am in SC and anytime there is a thunderstorm within 20-30 miles of my house, my DSL goes down...then up...then down...with every lightening strike.  Now this might seem acceptable except I can't even hear the thunder.  It is that far away.


On the plus side, I can tell when a storm is coming way before the weathermen do.


Then there are the sunny days when my connection drops and resyncs at a lower speed several times.  I have seen it drop as low as 256K upstream  The only way I can get back to close to my subscribed 3Meg speed is to disconnect the modem and call my land line from my cell then reconnect the modem and resync. 


I pay $90+ a month for phone and internet.  I would drop to just DSL but then I wouldn't be able to do the call-in/resync.


All of this might have something to do with the green phone box by the road that looks like it was hit by a car and doesn't have the cover attached, just some black plastic to (mostly) keep the water out.  It has been like that for at least 3 years, since before I moved in.


The times I have called in to tech support, they have eventually offered to send a tech to check my wiring but warned me about the "possibility" of the problem being a problem inside the house and that costs extra.  I'm not sure but I'm fairly certain that no matter what the problem was the tech would want to come in and test and somehow that would translate into testing my inside wiring and I get to pay the fee for them to fix their problem.


It also doesn't help my trust of AT&T that they have had service trucks no more than 1/4 mile from my delapidated phone box and they couldn't be bothered to just cruise the neighborhood to see if there were any obvious problems.


Oh, BTW, I've dropped sync about 3 times while typing this in.


The cherry on the cake has to be AT&T/Bellsouth's billing web page.  It is the slowest page I have ever tried to access.  It takes at least 15 minutes to log in to pay my **bleep** bill.

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Re: Wow your internet service is terrible

Hello also_unhappy,


Please accept my sincerest apology.


Random disconnect problems are generally hard to pin down because there are so many variables to consider. This can be caused by line faults, a problem with the equipment or something electromagnetic interferences.

If your connection drops a lot, your speed will be reduced temporarily because it's taking its time to stabilise the connection, once the cause of the dropping is found and fixed, your line speed will return to normal.


Sync loss may occur more frequently after storm or extended inclement weather. For this issue, it is advisable to troubleshoot as it would in any other line issue


Intermittent sync is often caused by electronic or physical interferences.

You may check on the following things:

 - Large metal objects and electrical equipment such as televisions, microwaves, fluorescent lamps. Try to keep the DSL modem and router away from these devices

 - Physical obstructions such as walls, floors, home entertainment electronics, appliances and furniture can cause interference if the wireless signals have to pass through them.

 - Phone jack may be defective or damaged. Try connecting the modem to a different phone jack, if possible. If the hiss and background noise is gone, the initial phone jack is defective and should be replaced

 - RJ-11 phone cord that connects your modem to the phone jack may be damaged and need replacing. If your phone cord is over 14 feet long, the signal may be weakened sufficiently that it is intermittently lost

 - DSL filters are needed on all phone devices except the DSL modem

 - The inside phone wiring in your home may also cause intermittent loss of the DSL signal. Shorts, grounds, poor line quality, etc. can degrade the DSL signal.


Regarding slow speeds, I have here a link that will show you basic troubleshooting steps. You may access this link


Normally, intermittent connection and slow speed arebest resolved when working together with our Technical Support Representatives because line test needs to be done and they can communicate with our network engineers to confirm if indeed there is a physical line issue.


You may reach them at 1 888 321 2375 if you are from these states - KY, TN, NC, SC, LA, MS, AL, GA, FL; and 1 877 722 3755 if you are located in CA, NV, KS, MO, OK, AR, TX, WI, MI, IL, IN, OH, CT. Thank you for choosing AT&T Internet Services where we value your business.

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Re: Wow your internet service is terrible

Here's a thought:  start with AT&T's own equipment rather than telling the user their house is the problem.  Clue: equipment box is smashed.  Clue: When the rain starts, connectivity drops.  Physics lesson: water screws up electronics.


While it's certainly possible that a user could have trouble in their own portion of the system (house-wiring, modem, pc, etc.), more often than not, the problem is on AT&T's side.


I can't count the number of times AT&T wanted to troubleshoot my portion of the system WHEN THERE WASN'T EVEN ANY VOLTAGE IN THEIR OWN LINES to carry a signal (phone box, volt meter, should be ~110v).  I never let AT&T even TOUCH my part of the system because they really have no clue what's going on or what they're doing.  In a previous house, the tech miswired the box on the side of the house.  Rathe than dealing with them again, I [VERY carefully] rewired the box.


Here's another one I like:  phone number I can be reached with?  Uhhh.... nooo?  Phone no worky, you come fixy.

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Re: Wow your internet service is terrible

I'm in the far North suburbs of Chicago and I am with you!  I have to reboot my router/modem CONSTANTLY and that totally screws up my VOIP phone service.  I'm extremely unhappy.  ATT 'checked' my line, which has no problems - of course - and has no solution for me.  I have the low-end service, like you do, as well.  I've heard that no matter how much you pay, ATT dsl still drops all the time.  I don't have any real alternatives, and absolutely refuse to 'bundle'.  Since I don't have ATT phone service, I cannot pay my bill on line.  What a joke.

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Re: Wow your internet service is terrible

the worst part is your help system. i feel disrespected. after weeks of calling, hours of listening to the same stupid advice "is it plugged into the wall" are you sure its plugged into the wall"..... trying to understand these people from india.... being led in circles that end in a repetitive recording.... seriously its ridiculous. i am outraged! i was given a new password, made them repeat it 3 times, and it still doesnt work. "little letter as lima" what the heck are they talking about. for starters you need real people and less recordings, and secondly you need americans. failing to do so makes your system extremely flawed. what happened to treating customers with respect? trying to outsource and save money is going to lose you money in the long run, if it hasnt already. absolutely disgusting.

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Re: Wow your internet service is terrible

<<... what happened to treating customers with respect? ...>> Nothing. AT&T never has. I've used them for the majority of 15 years as a long distance provider, a local telco and/or an ISP. While I've occasionally stumbled across decent help (none of them appear to be on this board), the company itself appears to truly believe it's doing us a favor and we should be grateful. AT&T has never given me any reason to believe that they understand they only exist because of customers. Granted, being a government-sanctioned, unregulated monopoly doesn't help.
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Re: Wow your internet service is terrible

Last week I downloaded the movie "Outsourced" and noticed that there is a new network television series by the same name starting this fall.


My favorite part of the movie was when the American ecutive extried speaking as they do - broken english.


Maybe all of us ought to try it when we reach the first level of AT&T support - it may actually help and work to our advantage  LOL


Thin no wok....must be broke....hehehe

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